Data Science

Data Science

The Structured Individual Major in Data Science has been approved beginning with the 2019-2020 curriculum.


Data Science lies at the intersection of computer science, mathematics, and statistics. A student pursuing a structured individual major in Data Science will develop a strong foundation in all three areas and complete coursework that emphasizes the integration of the three. By completing a concentration in an applied or theoretical field connected to data analysis, students will learn how data-driven knowledge is produced in that field, gain exposure to its foundations and language, and build the perspective needed to work on field-specific data problems.


Unlike most majors, this program requires that your particular plan of study is approved as an individual major by the Committee on Curriculum and Academic Policy.


If you are contemplating a Data Science Major, please start a conversation with one of the advisors:


Casey Pattanayak,

Eni Mustafaraj,

Wendy Wang,

Jeremy Wilmer,