Economic Student Association

Wellesley Economic Student Association (ESA)

The Economic Student Association at Wellesley organizes events relating to the field of economics and increases awareness of economic current events. Whether you are an economics major or just curious about economics, we welcome you to our events throughout the year to learn more about economic issues and socialize with other students interested in economics.  See below for a sample of our events:



We organize lunch lectures with Wellesley Economics faculty members. Come join us for an intellectually stimulating and insightful lunch, and get a chance to hear about your professors’ research. Our past events include Prof. Hilt’s presentation on “The Assassination of President McKinley: A Turning Point in American Economic History.”


Lecture Events

We invite outside speakers to share their research or experience relating to economics. Our past speakers include Keith Chen, a TED Talks Speaker and Yale Professor of Economics. Professor Chen spoke about “Language and Economic Behavior.”



We host 1-2 teas during the semester with the Economics Department. This is a great chance for you to meet professors and other students interested in economics. We also have a chocolate fountain!!


Alumnae Events

We also invite alums to share their experiences after graduating from Wellesley. These can be about graduate school opportunities, career options with an economics degree, and more. Last spring, we invited Amanda Rector (2004), the Head Economist for the State of Maine, to discuss her path to becoming an economist, her work, and the challengers and opportunities of her line of work.


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Current Executive Board Members (2022-23):

Presidents:  Cathy Yan & Enya Chi

Treasurer:  Anna Li & Neha Malhan

Outreach Chairs: Natalie Nahyun Lee Emily He 

Alumnae Chairs:  Isabella Kim-LaTona & Janett Garcia

Lecture Chairs:  Vivian Zeng & Fatima Djalalova

First Year Representative:  Elisabeth Sylvestre & Jessica Wei