Anne Mostue



Anne Mostue, '03, Reporter/Producer at WGBH

What's been your career path?

I report local, Boston-area news for Boston’s NPR/PBS station.  Most of my career has been in public radio, but I occasionally report for television now, too.  It’s a dream job for me.  Every day I’m exploring the city, meeting new people and sharing interesting, useful stories.  About a third of what I cover is breaking news, another third is assigned by my editors and the final third is whatever is of interest to me.  I schedule and conduct my interviews, do research, edit sound and mix stories for air on Morning Edition and All Things Considered.  A few times a year, my work airs national on NPR and sometimes internationally on the BBC.

I wrote for The Wellesley News but didn’t plan on a career in journalism.  I knew I wanted to write and to travel.  After Wellesley I spent a year as a volunteer social worker in Alaska, then decided I really wanted to become a reporter.  In graduate school at Boston University, a professor recommended I try radio, and I fell in love.  I started at Maine Public Radio, in Bangor, ME, then got an offer at New England Public Radio (the station for Western Mass, Southern Vermont, Northern Connecticut), then came to WGBH.  I worked my way up the ladder with the hope of coming to Boston and staying.  It’s been a lot of hard work and long hours.  I’m very grateful to have landed.

How did your English major prepare you for your career?

Where do I begin?  Writing is the most important part of my job, especially writing clearly and concisely.  I also spend a lot of time researching and, frankly, thinking.  All of that is basically what I did at Wellesley for four years.  I am so grateful that my professors encouraged me to be analytical, inquisitive and to ask why people/characters do what they do.  I also learned to be a good listener, and to be comfortable speaking up in a crowded press conference.