Many faculty work with students on research, through a number of programs, including:

Summer Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU): 

Programs for summer research with faculty are run both in the Sciences and in the Social Sciences.  Students receive a stipend for working on a specific project identified by a participating faculty member.

Sophomore Early Research Program:

Students on work-study can apply during their first year and spend their sophomore year working with a faculty member on a year-long project; they receive their work-study funds to conduct this research.

Individual faculty members may also have research grants that allow them to hire student researchers.

ES250/ES350 Students interested in developing their own research projects (or working with a faculty-identified project) for academic credit can sign up for an independent study course.

Students interested in working with faculty members on research should contact the professor they are interested in working with as far in advance as possible, to find out if that professor will be taking on students.