Calculus Placement Questionnaire

No special preparation is needed for completing this questionnaire, so don't feel that you have to study for it.  What the Math Department wants to know is the state of your knowledge right now, which is the best indicator of where you should start studying math at Wellesley, should you choose to do that.  All students must complete this questionnaire, although you are not required to take a calculus course or to study math during your first semester.

You are allowed to print out the questionnaire and work on your answers, and then you can log back into the questionnaire site to record and submit your final answers. The questionnaire is in a multiple-choice format. One of the choices is "Don't know", and it is perfectly acceptable to make that selection, if you don't know an answer; remember that the questionnaire is designed to show where you place on a continuum of knowledge about math, so most students will not know all the topics covered. You may not use a calculator on this questionnaire. You may take as much time as you need, but remember that all work must be your own, and you should not consult outside sources or other people. The Honor Code applies to you as you complete this questionnaire, as it does for all activities related to your time at Wellesley.

For information about options for studying math at Wellesley, visit www. You can see the Math Department course offerings for the coming semester in the Course Browser, or on the home page of the Math Department