Immediate Needs

Tower court residence hall

Immediate Needs

Supporting Our Most Pressing Needs 

The Wellesley Fund provides critical funds, which support the immediate needs of the College. Your support gives Wellesley the flexibility to respond to our students' most pressing needs and invest in innovative opportunities campus-wide.

Creating a Home at Wellesley  

Every residence hall at Wellesley has a distinct personality, its own sense of home. Each residence hall also has its unmistakable potential, a trove of connections and lifelong friendships waiting to be made. The residential program at Wellesley includes a curriculum that seeks to increase self-awareness, promote inclusivity, and establish a sense of belonging and community. The Office of Residential Life provides resident assistants and house presidents with extensive training in leadership, group facilitation and engagement, and mental health first aid.

A gift to The Wellesley Fund will help to deliver these signature training programs and ensure a transformational residential experience for all students. Please make your gift and give all students a home they never want to leave at Wellesley.

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