Your gift can make a powerful difference for a student.

Expanding access to education for all students of talent and promise—regardless of their family's economic circumstances—is one of the College's highest priorities. Wellesley is committed to meeting the calculated need of every admitted student.

The Wellesley Fund Scholars program provides a uniquely personal opportunity for you to support a Wellesley student who will benefit throughout her life from your investment in her future.

The student may receive the financial aid award in your name, or, if you choose, in memory or in honor of a loved one.

The Wellesley Fund Scholars program awards financial aid during the current or following academic year, depending on the date of your gift to Wellesley. Donors electing to give to the College in this way become members of the Durant Society.

For more information, contact The Wellesley Fund at or 781.283.2440.

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