Honors in Italian Studies


For the achievement of honors in Italian Studies, ​students must write and defend a senior thesis. Honors candidates must complete at least one 300-level course, or its equivalent, before the fall of their senior year. In addition, a 300-level course is to be taken concurrently with ITAS 360-370.


1. Grade point average of 3.5 in the major, above the 100-level.

2. Recommendation of Department's Honors Committee when project is submitted

3. A 300-level course, or its equivalent, before the fall semester of senior year

ITAS 360 and 370 do not count towards the minimum requirement of two 300-level courses for the major.


ITAS 360: Senior Thesis Research

Prerequisite for ITAS 360: By permission of the department.


ITAS 370: Senior Thesis

Prerequisite for ITAS 370: ITAS 360 and permission of the department.


Timeline of Honors Selection Process

Qualified students who wish to be in the Honors Program must submit a proposal for ITAS 360 Senior Thesis Research by the May 1st of their junior year. Any eligible junior who wishes to be a Honors candidate should consult a faculty member in the department for approval of her proposal, as well as for advice in developing her topic into a promising proposal and in selecting appropriate research material. Students who are studying abroad with the ECCO program during the spring semester of their junior year should discuss their plans with the department Chair and submit a proposal while in Bologna.