Kris Adams

(781) 283-2077
B.M., Berklee College of Music; M.M., New England Conservatory of Music

Kris Adams

Senior Music Performance Faculty in Vocal Jazz

Teaches commercial singing styles and technique, specializing in jazz, blues, pop, and Brazilian music.

I am very interested in vocal anatomy and physiology. I have recently completed a course given by Dr. Scott McCoy for the New York Singing Teachers Association (NYSTA) and am starting to work with Roberto Panzanelli and his research on vocal fry, formants and resonance. I am also a Level 3 graduate of Somatic Voicework™ as developed by Jeanie LoVetri and I have taken some workshops given by Mary McDonald Klimek in Estill Voice Training™. Learning different voice training methods, comparing them and then extracting the best elements and using them in my teaching plays a major role in my teaching career.

Studying jazz voice in my studio covers a variety of topics. Usually I start with technique as it applies to the style of singing commercial music. This means that you will sing exercises that mix (or blend) your head and chest registers. I also cover basic topics of vocal physiology and maintenance. Once there is a basic practice routine established, we start to sing songs, mostly from the standard jazz repertoire. This repertoire can include swing, Brazilian (in Portuguese), contemporary or even original songs. We may also study improvisation (scat singing), theory, arranging, and/or ear training. At the end of the semester, students studying for credit must sing for the Jazz/World Music Juries. This means that they sing for the faculty. In preparation for this, there is usually at least one performance workshop near the end of the semester in which my students sing their prepared pieces (using a microphone) for each other accompanied by a jazz pianist.

I love to sing! I have two CDs, available digitally and through CDBaby and I perform regularly in the Boston area singing mostly jazz standards, Brazilian bossa novas and original music. It is difficult to balance teaching and performing but I believe that these two parts of my career feed each other. Performing gives credence to my teaching and teaching allows me to communicate and share my passion for singing.

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