Career Opportunities

What do Wellesley physics majors do?

Our major in Physics at Wellesley College is designed to provide an effective preparation for strong students who are interested in a variety of careers. From graduate training in physics or a closely related field to careers in engineering, industry, finance, computer science, medicine, and teaching, the sort of critical-thinking and quantitative skills developed during the course of the physics major provides an excellent foundation for a wide range of post-baccalaureate options. More generally, in the spirit of a liberal arts education, a major in physics prepares students for a lifelong experience in discovering and applying knowledge.



What do physicists do?

A broad training in applying mathematical models to the description and analysis of phenomena in the natural world is at the heart of the undergraduate physics curriculum. This emphasis on the mathematical analysis of complex phenomena and on the development of problem-solving skills is an excellent general preparation for any career requiring analytical and quantitative skills. This last point is often not apparent to undergraduates considering a major in physics. The image of a major in physics as a limiting or narrowing choice for a student is, somewhat ironically, the inverse of the reality. 


On-Line Resources

There are a number of excellent on-line resources that provide information on career options for undergraduate physics majors. The single best place to begin is the homepage of the American Institute of Physics (AIP); there you will find links to reports on careers, employment statistics, and specific job placements. A second general resource is the homepages of some of the member societies of the AIP. Here is a short list of websites that you might want to take a look at:

1. AIP and related sites:
2. AIP Member Societies and links from society homepages:
3. Other Resources