Our department has been fortunate over the years to attract a talented and enthusiastic group of majors.

A high fraction have gone to very good graduate programs in physics or other related fields. A very high percentage have been involved in either a graduate program or a job that makes direct use of the skills gained as a result of their undergraduate physics training. In addition to their strong performance in the classroom, our majors are involved in a wide range of other activities. Many are working on independent research projects and we have an active Society of Physics Students chapter

List of current physics, astrophysics and chemical physics majors
Class of 2022
  1. Ann-Marsha Alexis
  2. Akosua Mantebea Boampong
  3. Savannah Cary (ASPH)
  4. Megan Farrah (CHPH)
  5. Nora Fayyazuddin Ljungberg
  6. Annie Gomez
  7. Tianna Green
  8. Eleanor Kate K Habich (ASPH)
  9. Eleanor Hoch (ASPH)
  10. Minerva Johar
  11. Marissa Klein (ASPH)
  12. Astrid Lawyer
  13. Nicole Leung
  14. Karla Macias
  15. Jenna Ocheltree (CHPH)
  16. Lizette Ortega
  17. Abigail Pan
  18. Fiona Powers Ozyurt (ASPH)
  19. Amy Quintanilla
  20. Autumn Smith
  21. Hannah Stickler (ASPH)
  22. Jessica Washington (ASPH)
  23. Sarah Wells-Moran
  24. Piper Wysocki
  25. Ann Xu
  26. Beyza Yurt (CHPH)
  27. Zhi (Marina) Zhang
  28. Wanyu (Tiffany) Zhang
Class of 2023
  1. Cora Barrett
  2. Eunice Beato (ASPH)
  3. Aaliyah Beckford
  4. Helena Belzer
  5. Levi Chavez Valencia (ASPH)
  6. Laura Chin (ASPH)
  7. Isabella Davis
  8. Spencer Dockal (ASPH)
  9. Jordan Dombroski (CHPH)
  10. Makenzi Fischbach (ASPH)
  11. Kylie Hall (ASPH)
  12. Anneka Hallstrom
  13. Kristin Hon
  14. Felix Klitzke (ASPH)
  15. Thea Klucznik
  16. Chaucer Langbert (ASPH)
  17. Kelsey Lin
  18. Amadi Mitchell (CHPH)
  19. Maddie Morocco
  20. Talia O'Shea (ASPH)
  21. Rachel Pereira (CHPH)
  22. Samantha Sanchez Renteria
  23. Katie Shaw
  24. Abby Surlet (ASPH)
  25. Jiatong Yang