The Police Department is comprised of 20 professional police practitioners and other team members dedicated to providing world-class public safety services to the Wellesley College community.

Officers patrol the campus in a proactive manner on foot, on bicycles, and in police cruisers. Generally, there are two officers and one patrol sergeant on duty 24 hours per day. The Communications Center is staffed by trained and certified communications coordinators who answer calls for service, dispatch officers and other emergency services to incidents, and monitor several hundred intrusion-detection and fire alarms. The department also has a large student work force, comprised of campus police assistants working in various capacities within the department.

Chief of Police


Lisa Barbin - Serving Since 2000

Special Events Staffing, Student Employment Coordinator, Training Coordinator, RAD Certified Instructor, Cultural Diversity Trainer, Community Policing Officer Program (CPOP), Coordinator.




Philip N. Di Blasi - Serving Since 2004




William Bowman - Serving Since 1975

Co-Coordinator Special Event Staffing, Bike Officer


Timothy Brown - Serving Since 1988

Evidence Room Technician

Bruce Whitney - Serving since 2002

RAD Certified Instructor, Fire Safety Coordinator


Jack Trabucco - Serving Since 1987

Investigations, Field Training Officer

Kenneth Furtado - Serving Since 2017




Karen Berube - Serving Since 2000

Cultural Diversity Instructor, Bike Officer, EMT, Defensive Tactics Instructor

Samuel Caruso - Serving Since 1986

Vehicle Fleet Manager

Jorge Torres - Serving Since 1997

Bike Officer, RAD Certified Instructor, Computer Crimes

Frank Urbani - Serving Since 1997

Crime Prevention Officer, EMT
Parking Manager, RAD Certified Instructor

JoAnn Guimond - Serving Since 1999

Bike Officer, RAD Certified Instructor, EMT, Representative to the Boston Area Sexual Assault Investigators Network


Brendan Cairney - Serving Since 2016


Communications Coordinators



Bill Burke - Serving Since 2000

RAD Certified Instructor

Nancy Maloney - Serving Since 1993

Lead Dispatcher, Certified Dispatch Trainer

Roger Potter Furey - Serving Since 2016

Dodi Feldman - Serving Since 2017

One Card/Office Manager  

Brian McMenamin - Serving Since 2015