Political Science Fall 2021 Courses

Political Science Department ~  Fall 2021 Courses  
Course Description Instructor
POL 123 Logic and Rhetoric for Political Analysis Candland, Christopher
POL 299 Introduction to Research Methods in Political Science Arora, Maneesh
POL1 200-01 American Politics Chudy, Jenn
POL1 200-02 American Politics Burke, Tom
POL1 210 Campaigns and Elections Arora, Maneesh
POL1 247 Constitutional Law Scherer, Nancy
POL1 324 SEM: Gender and Law Scherer, Nancy
POL1 329 Political Psychology Chudy, Jenn
POL2 202 Comparative Politics Contreras, Danilo
POL2 204 Political Economy of Development and Underdevelopment Candland, Christopher
POL2 208 Politics of China Joseph, Bill
POL2 306 SEM: Revolution Joseph, Bill
POL2 362 SEM: Women and Gender in Middle Eastern Politics  Bedirhanoglu, Nazan
POL3 221-01 World Politics Murphy, Craig
POL3 221-02 World Politics Sahasrabuddhe, Aditi
POL3 224 International Security Lee, Yoon Jin
POL3 251 International Political Economy Sahasrabuddhe, Aditi
POL3 371 SEM: Decision Making in Foreign Policy Lee, Yoon Jin
POL3 387 International Relations of the Middle East Bedirhanoglu, Nazan
POL4 201 Political Action & Dissent Grattan, Laura
POL4 216 Canons of Political Thought Martorelli, Paul
POL4 243 Democracy & Difference Martorelli, Paul
POL4 341 Beyond Prisons: Resistance, Reform, Abolition Grattan, Laura
POL4 349 SEM: Sex in Politics Martorelli, Paul
Cross listed courses  
AFR236 / POL2 236 Introduction to African Politics Dendere, Chipo
ES214 / POL2 214 Social Causes and Consequences of Environmental Problems DeSombre
ES214 / POL2 214 Social Causes and Consequences of Environmental Problems DeSombre
ES312 / POL2 312 SEM: Environmental Policy DeSombre
ES381 / POL1 381 U.S. Environmental Politics Turner, Jay
PEAC 304 / POL2 301 Nonviolent Direct Action In Theory and Practice Confortini, Catia
PEAC206 / POL2 220 Qualitative Methods in the Social Sciences Hajj, Nadya
PEAC217 / POL2 217 Politics of the Middle East and North Africa Hajj, Nadya


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