Culture, Family & Development Lab

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Our lab examines how culture and family processes influence mental health and development across the lifespan.



6/2021  Congratulations to lab alumnae Xue Fang Deng '21 for her work on the paper "Self-Regulatory Development in Children from Chinese Immigrant Families: Evidence for Commonality and Specificity” which has just been published in Child Development!

1/2021 A paper from the Family Development Project, “Depressive symptoms in Chinese immigrant mothers: Relations with perceptions of social status and interpersonal support” has been published in Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology.

12/2019  Congratulations to lab alumnae Michelle Wang '18 for her contributions to our paper, "Perceptions of social status in Chinese American children: Associations with social cognitions and socioemotional well-being", published in the Asian American Journal of Psychology

6/2019 Congratulations to lab alumnae Tahani Chaudhry '17 for the publication of her honors thesis, "Mental illness stigmas in South Asian Americans: A cross-cultural investigation" in the Asian American Journal of Psychology

5/2019 Congratulations to FDP team member Xian Zhang (PhD, Tufts) for succesfully defending her dissertation, "Making Sense of Separation: Transnational Childcare in Chinese Immigrant Families"!