Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

As we enter into spring semester from our remote and on-campus locations, The Office of Religious and Spiritual Life is hosting various virtual offerings. See below for details. 

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40 Days of Gratitude and Kindness

Ongoing events in person and virtually from March 22nd to April 30th. View the 40 Days of Gratitude and Kindness 2021 calendar.

More information to come, contact jm100@wellesley.edu with questions.

Zoom Mindfulness
Zooming Meditation & Mindfulness Class Weekly Schedule
1.) Monday Evening Gathering @5pm EST.
Meeting ID#: 769 901 424
2.) Wednesday Evening Student Gathering @5pm EST
Meeting ID#: 845 657 833
3.) Monday Afternoon Mindfulness Gathering @2:30pm EST
Meeting ID#: 920 000 859
4.) Thursday afternoon Mindfulness Class @3:30pm EST
Meeting ID#: 784 848 954
Contact Chaplain John Bailes at jbailes@wellesley.edu for more information.


Multifaith Cooking

Sundays at 9PM EST

Contact aquraishi@wellesley.edu to join! 

Islamic Spirituality Starting with Why?

Saturdays from 9:30-10:10 PM EST

Contact aquraishi@wellesley.edu to join! 


Passover: March 27th to April 4th on Zoom.

More info to come! Contact Rabbi Dena Bodian at dbodian@wellesley.edu with questions.


Holi is on March 29th

More information to come!

Holy Thursday & Good Friday

Holy Thursday: April 1st in Houghton Chapel

Good Friday: April 2nd Stations of the Cross, starting in Houghton Chapel

More info to come!

Contact srobbin3@wellesley.edu with questions.

Easter Service

Easter Service: April 4th in Houghton Chapel

More info to come!

Contact srobbin3@wellesley.edu with questions.

Yom Hashoah

Yom Hashoah holocaust remembrance is on April 8th.

More information to come.


Ramadan starts at sundown on Tuesday, April 12th and ends May 12th.

More information to come! 

Contact aquraishi@wellesley.edu with questions.

Eid al-Fitr

Eid al-Fitr (end of Ramadan) is on Thursday, May 13th.

More info to come!

Contact aquraishi@wellesley.edu with questions.


Shavuot: evening of May 14th; May 16th and 17th

More info to come!

Contact Rabbi Dena Bodian at dbodian@wellesley.edu with questions.


Baccalaureate will be held virtually on June 3rd.

More information to come!

Reunion 2021

This year's reunion will be June 4th to 6th, held virtually.