Events and Observances

ORSL Events and Observances

The Office of Religious and Spiritual Life hosts various offerings. Please see the left sidebar for details on campus wide programming and ORSL signature events. 


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Weekly Programing


Hindu Community/Darshana

Chaplain Dena Bodian -

Puja - March 13

Holi Celebration - May 1

Sunday at 11 am

Saturday at 6pm

Multifaith Center

Chapel Lawn



Rabbi Dena Bodian -

Shabbat Services 

Shabbat Dinner

Friday at 5 pm

Friday at 6 pm

Multifaith Center

Multifaith Center



Chaplain Amira Quraishi -

Jum’ah Prayers & Lunch

Friday at 1-1:45 pm

Multifaith Center


Unitarian Universalist/Heartspace

Chaplain Natalie Malter -

Heartspace - Student Led

Sunday at 6 pm

Multifaith Center


Multifaith Community Gathering

Chaplain Amira Quraishi -

Multifaith Community

Thursday at 12:45-2 pm

Multifaith Center



Buddhist & Mindfulness Meditation

Chaplain John Bailes -

Meditation Monday

Student Gathering 

Monday at 5-7 pm

Thursday at 5-6 pm

Houghton Chapel

Houghton Chapel


Christian Life

Reverend Sarah Robbins-Cole -

Catholic Mass

Protestant Worship Service

Christian Life Dinner

Christian Life Office Hours

Sunday at 4 pm

Sunday at 4 pm

Sunday at 4:45 pm

Wednesday at 4 pm

Houghton Chapel

Multifaith Center

Multifaith Center/Chapel Lawn

Chapel Lawn/Billings 206


*Contact individual chaplains for more information