Office of Religious and Spiritual Life Staff

Who is the Dean of Religious and Spiritual Life?

The Dean of Religious and Spiritual Life is responsible for coordinating religious and spiritual life at Wellesley College.

In this work, the Dean does not represent any one religious tradition, but rather:

  • Oversees religious and spiritual life on campus, including religious-specific programs, interreligious understanding, dialogue and conflict transformation with pastoral care

  • Coordinates educational programs on moral, ethical, religious and spiritual issues

  • Leads multi-faith community worship opportunities throughout the year

The Dean also acts as a liaison to religious groups on campus, in the town of Wellesley and in the Greater Boston area, and is involved nationally in issues of religious diversity, dialogue and collaboration.

What is the Religious and Spiritual Life Team?

The Religious and Spiritual Life Team is comprised of college chaplains and affiliates representing Buddhist, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim, Christian and Unitarian Universalist traditions. Together with the Dean and administrative staff, this team fosters religious, spiritual, and ethical life at Wellesley. Through their collective work, the team models a new way of working towards common goals while respecting and celebrating differences and diversity.

The Religious and Spiritual Life Team:

  • Offers a calm, compassionate presence on campus focused on relationship-building, listening, and creating spaces for students to be and to become their full, authentic selves for the benefit of each person, our community, and our world

  • Offers opportunities for contemplative practice, meaning-making, spiritual seeking, and wellness rooted in religious and non-religious wisdom traditions and multifaith collaboration

  • College chaplains and affiliates serve students of all faith traditions and philosophical worldviews. Students need not identify with any tradition to seek out the support of college chaplains and affiliates.

All members of the Religious and Spiritual Life Team are confidential resources, meaning they do not share identifiable information without permission, unless sharing is required to address an imminent safety risk or if you are a minor. College chaplains and affiliates can support students through both acute crises and emerging life transitions. To make an appointment with a college chaplain, simply send them an email or contact the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life. 

Why Talk To a Chaplain?

See our Why Talk to a Chaplain for various topics our office can support students with. We are available to ALL students.

Contact: Office of Religious and Spiritual Life | Billings 2nd floor | | 781.283.2865

John Bailes
College Chaplain and Buddhist Life Coordinator
Dena Bodian
College Chaplain and Campus Rabbi
Ylisse C. Bess
College Chaplain and Christian Life Coordinator
Jacquelina (Jackie) Marquez
Dean of Religious and Spiritual Life
Amira Quraishi
College Chaplain and Muslim Life Coordinator
Rumni Saha
College Chaplain and Hindu and Unitarian Universalist Community Coordinator