Latinx Student Advising

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The Office of the Assistant Dean of Intercultural Education and Latina Advisor Office serves the Wellesley College community in the following capacity:


1.  The Latina Advisor Office serves as a resource for all Latina students on campus. 

2.  The Latina Advisor advocates for and supports the needs of Latina students on campus.  She provides resources and advising for Latina Students to address a variety of personal, social, academic and community concerns. She also provides leadership consultation, referrals, and information on internships and scholarships.

3. The office promotes appreciation and understanding of Latin American cultures and offers programs and training that focus on the many facets of multicultural development. She works with the entire campus community to raise awareness of the benefits and challenges of living in a pluralistic community. 

4.  One of the goals of the office is to inform and educate the campus community about the value of diversity to promote cross-cultural dialogue by encouraging students to value and cherish the contributions of people from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds. 

5. The Advisor develops initiatives and programs that support the social, personal and educational experiences of Latina Students.

6. The Advisor offers advice to Latina student organizations and works very closely with the Latina leaders in this campus.  Everyone can join the Latina groups on campus.  We have four Latinas groups at Wellesley; Mezcla the largest organization on campus mainly composed of US Latinas, Alianza a Latina organization whose members mainly are Latina International students,Cielito Lindo a Latin dance group organization and Familia dedicated to the support of LGBTQ students of Latina descent.  The Advisor also assists student leaders in coordinating events, workshops and programs.