Sports Leadership Series

Sports Leadership Series

Learn a sport in a week. Lead for a lifetime. 

One-Week Non-Credit Exploratory Workshops | August 5 - August 10, 2018


Wellesley College invites high-school and undergraduate students to participate in Wellesley's "Sports Leadership Workshops," a week-long opportunity for students to learn the fundamentals of a sport, strengthen their leadership abilities, and ultimately build self-confidence. 

Students engaged in non-credit Sports Leadership Workshops will live in a historic Wellesley residence hall, partaking in Wellesley's friendly community as they challenge themselves academically, physically, and personally. Sports Leadership workshops at Wellesley College allow students to explore a unique topic with other like-minded, motivated peers and renowned Wellesley faculty.


Students who participate in Wellesley's 2018 Sports Leadership Workshops-- "Dynamic Leadership Through Golf" or "Team Building Through Rowing," will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Expert Professionals - Students will be taught by golf or rowing experts in small settings, allowing for individualized attention and a sense of community within each workshop.

  • Hands-On Experience -  Students will utilize impressive on-campus facilities-- Lake Waban, Wellesley's Nehoiden Golf Club, Butler Boathouse, and the Keohane Sports Center-- to learn their sport of choice.

  • Holistic Education - At Wellesley, students can expect-- whether learning golf or rowing-- to gain a full academic appreciation of the science of their sport, engaging with academic fields like physics, nutrition, and environmental science.

  • Lifetime Investment - After a week of Sports Leadership Workshops at Wellesley, students will have learned an athletic skill which they can develop their entire life, a consistent source of community and empowerment. 

Specific Workshop Details

Dynamic Leadership Through Golf

Over the course of a week, students will gain a well-rounded introduction to the sport of golf, learning basic fundamentals of the game as well as more nuanced components like etiquette, strategy, scientific background, and proper physical health and maintenance. For the sport itself, participants will focus on three major aspects of the game: full swing, short game, and putting. Students will have an opportunity each day to apply skills learned through actual play on the golf course at Nehoiden Golf Club at Wellesley College.  

Beyond an introduction to basic fundamentals of golf, students will also be introduced to elements of golf which will aid them in their ability to pick up the sport and jump into the game in any setting. Participants will learn the language of golf, from the rules you need to know, to the equipment you will need to utilize, to the etiquitte that others will appreciate.

Off the fairways and greens, students will gain an understanding of the "mental game" of the sport, learning leadership and risk-taking techniques to use on and off the course. Students will study elements of environmental science, physics, nutrition, and more, relating academic concepts to the sport they are learning throughout the week. This academic study will be hands-on and holistic, allowing students to bird-watch one day and analyze their swings inside an indoor virtual golf simulator the next.

Finally, students will engage in strength and conditioning exercises, while learning essential self-care knowledge such as nutrition and recovery to best prepare themselves for playing golf both in their one week and beyond. 

Blog Article: Dynamic Leadersip Through Golf: A Students Perspective

Applicant Requirements: No prior experience necessary. No equipment needed.

Team Building Through Rowing

Over the course of a week, students will participate in a comprehensive introduction to the sport of rowing. Topics covered will include terminology, correctly handling and understanding the equipment, proper technique and mechanics, and water safety. Additionally, students will gain an increased understanding of nutrition, hydration, muscular anatomy, core strength, and coordination.

Students will primarily be utilizing 8+ boats - sweep-rowing shells that seat 8 rowers (each with one oar) and 1 coxswain (the athlete steering the hull) - and will learn how to row on the port and starboard sides of the hull. At the conclusion of the course, students will possess a foundational understanding of the sport, and will have taken strokes as confident members of the crew!

Applicant Requirements: No prior experience necessary, but all participants MUST have evidence of either a lifeguard cerfication or a proof of a swim test from a local pool. 

Rowing Faculty Spotlight: Tessa Spillane

Varsity crew coach and director of intramural rowing programs; instructor in sailing and canoeing.

Tessa Spillane is Wellesley's varsity crew coach, who teaches physical education courses in sailing and canoeing. Spillane also directs the recreational programming in rowing—Dorm Crew in the fall and Class Crew in the spring.

Spillane serves as the New England representative to the NCAA Rowing Committee. She is also on the board of directors for the Collegiate Rowing Coaches Association.

Spillane enjoys anything that has to do with water. She enjoys running, hiking, reading, and walking on campus with her dog.


Rowing Faculty Spotlight: Emilie Muller

Novice Crew Coach

Emilie Muller joins Wellesley crew in 2017-18 following a standout career at Bates College, where she earned a degree in Religious Studies in 2016.

A member of the Bobcats 2015 NCAA Division III National Championship team, Muller spent over half of her career in the Varsity Eight boat for Bates, including during the team's run to the national title in 2015. In 2016, she earned the Bates College Rowing Association's Emily E. Dorrance Award, given annually to the 'the female rower who strives for athletic excellence for both herself and her teammates.' She earned All-NESCAC honors as a senior and was a CRCA, NESCAC and NIRC All-Academic Selection multiple times during her career. 


Golf Faculty Spotlight: Leslie Andrews

Director of Golf at Nehoiden Golf Club, 

Leslie Andrews is a Wellesley College Alumnae and the Director of Golf at Nehoiden Golf Club at Wellesley College, overseeing all fold instruction and programming. Leslie is a Class A member of the LPGA, and is the former Executive Director of the LPGA Teaching and Club Professionals. Prior to joining Nehoiden, Leslie served as Director of Instruction at Randall’s Island Golf Center in New York City, the busiest golf facility in the US. In addition to managing a full private clientele, she also oversaw all instruction, instructor training and development, golf programming and corporate golf development programs.

For Andrews, who has been teaching women to play golf for the past 15 years, golf is a game for a lifetime. Leslie happened to learn the sport at age 30, and she offers herself as evidence that you can take up the game at any stage of your life-- and even become quite proficient at it! 


How To Apply

To apply, applicants must complete and submit an "Exploratory Workshop" application.  A note to undergraduates - the application says "Pre-College", but we think golf or rowing is for everybody. : ) 

To apply, please visit:

Applicant Requirements: 

Sports Leadership Workshops are open to applicants of all levels and no prior experience necessary.  Wellesley will supply all required equipment. Participation in Wellesley's "Team Building Through Rowing" workshop requires either a lifeguard certification test or proof of a swim-test from a local pool.  


Disability Services: Wellesley provides a full range of services and accommodations to people with disabilities. Students with a documented disability that requires accommodation have access to Disability Services. For more information, please contact Jim Wice, Director of Disability Services, at 781.283.2434 or


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