Program Directors

These are the program directors and administrative assistants for 2013-2014.

You can also download this list as a PDF. See a list of department chairs on another page.

Department Ext Director Assistant
American Studies 3232 Yoon Sun Lee Jeanne Hicks
Architecture 2062
Alice Friedman (Semester I)
Martha McNamara (Semester I)
Andrew Mobray (Semester I)
Martha McNamara (Semester II)
Daniela Rivera (Semester II)
Debra Carbarnes
Lisa Priest
Astrophysics 2707 Wendy Bauer Carol Gagosian
Biological Chemistry


Don Elmore Karin Thomason
Mary Helen McCollister
Cinema & Media Studies 2042
Maurizio Viano (co-chair)
Winifred Wood (co-chair)
Debra Carbarnes
Lisa Priest 
Cognitive & Linguistic Sciences 2410
Andrea Levitt (Semester I)
Margery Lucas (Semester II)
Karen Blake
Comparative Literature 2609 Thomas Nolden Dianne Baroz
East Asian Studies 2905 Pat Giersch  
Environmental Studies 2800 James Turner Jessica Hunter
French Cultural Studies 2414 Venita Datta  
Jewish Studies 2609 Frances Malino Dianne Baroz
Latin American Studies 2202 Alejandra Osorio  
Media Arts & Sciences 3147 Panagiotis Metaxas (co-director)
David Kelley (co-director)
Rita Purcell
Medieval/Renaissance Studies 2616 Valerie Ramseyer Janet Rubenstein
Middle Eastern Studies 2609 Louise Marlow  Dianne Baroz
Neuroscience 3153 Barbara Beltz Karin Thomason
Mary Helen McCollister
Peace & Justice Studies 2180 Susan Skeath van Mulbregt (co-director)
Catia Confortini (co-director)
Susan Lange
Quantitative Reasoning 2157 Corrine Taylor Sheila Datz
Russian Area Studies 2418 Nina Tumarkin Katie Jackson
South Asia Studies  2609 Margery Sabin Dianne Baroz
Theatre Studies 2678 Nora Hussey Kate Svirsky
Writing Program 2576 Ann Velenchik Yvonne Ollinger-Moore