Dorothy Thorndike Botanic Gardens Internship

The Dorothy Thorndike interns work to connect people to plants, nature, and the environment, using the botanical resources of the Margaret Ferguson Greenhouses, Alexandra Botanic Garden, and Hunnewell Arboretum of Wellesley College.This internship was established in fond memory of Dorothy Dudley Thorndike DS ’75, to further the impact of her passion for plants and nature on students and visitors to the Wellesley College Botanic Gardens. 

This internship is open to all current Wellesley College students who will be returning to campus for the following academic year.  The primary requirement is a love for plants.  Preference is given to students who have taken BISC 108 or have other botanical or horticultural experience. There may be one or two Dorothy Thorndike interns per academic year.

Applications are closed for the 2014-15 academic year.



Summer 2014 Environmental Horticulture Internships

Interns gain hands-on horticultural experience assisting in the maintenance of the Wellesley College Botanic Gardens under the direction of Senior Horticulturist Tricia Diggins. This includes learning ecological landscaping techniques of weeding, mulching, watering, pruning and controlling invasive species.  While working, interns learn about identifying and cultivating North American native plants and native communities as well as woody plant species from around the world. Interns will also help design and plant a kitchen vegetable garden based on a Russian dacha garden. There also will be field trips to gardens and natural areas.

Internships run 6/2-7/3, then 2 weeks off, and 7/21-8/22. Hours are 7 am - 4 pm Monday - Friday, with an hour off for lunch.  Interns receive $10.50 per hour, plus on-campus housing or equivalent housing stipend.


Applications are closed for the 2014 summer season.