“Good writing is clear thinking made visible.”

—Bill Wheeler

We are proud of the writing instruction we offer students at Wellesley. We view writing as central to academic inquiry, and we understand that writing takes many different forms in different subject areas. Our goal is to help students become the best writers they can in whatever field they are studying.

A student’s experience with academic writing begins with a required First-Year Writing course. Students can choose from among a wide range of topics in selecting their First-Year Writing course. Each course offers substantive instruction in a content area, with a central focus on writing. Writing at the college level requires handling evidence, analysis, and argument well; learning about a specific topic as one learns to write helps students master these important skills.

The Writing Program administers First-Year Writing courses, offers a small selection of additional writing courses at the upper levels, and offers tutoring in writing. For information on creative writing, see the link on the English Department webpage.