People at KSSC

Olga Shurchkov
B.A., Wellesley College; Ph.D., MIT

Olga Shurchkov

Director, Knapp Social Science Center; Associate Professor of Economics

Olga Shurchkov ’01 became the Director of the Knapp Social Science Center in July of 2018. In this role, she works with the chairs of departments and programs in the social sciences to develop a rich program of events, research and teaching opportunities, and community building activities at the center. She also manages the physical spaces in Pendelton East and oversees the Social Science Summer Research Program; In her academic career, Olga is an Associate Professor of Economics, whose research focuses on how behavioral forces explain economic outcomes. Olga is also a 5th Degree black belt and international instructor in Taekwon-Do, teaching the martial art to Wellesley students as part of the Physical Education program. Read more about Olga’s work.


Sheila Datz

Sheila Datz

Academic Administrator

Sheila Datz has been at Wellesley since 2011 and has been an Academic Administrator for the KSSC and Pendleton East for 7 years. She is also one of the administrators in the Economics Department and supports the Quantitative Reasoning program. Sheila helps coordinate the Social Science Summer Research Program and the Summer Case Fellows in Economics Program. When not at Wellesley, she spends time with her two college-aged children, husband and Wheaten Terrier, Bodie.

Kira Hamilton ’21
Major: American Studies
Hometown: Anchorage Alaska United States

Kira Hamilton '21

Kira Hamilton ’21 is the Knapp Social Science Center Student Assistant whose responsibilities include event planning and web design. Kira is a sophomore American Studies major, Economics minor from Anchorage, Alaska. At Wellesley, she is a student assistant in the Economics department, a member of the College Government President's Council, and a public speaking tutor. In her free time, she enjoys knitting, catching a concert in Boston, and cooking.