Published Works

Students who take Calderwood Seminars publish their writing in outside journals and websites, including The Huffington Post and Society

AMST 355: Critiquing American Popular Culture

Emma C van den Terrell '15 - Agnost-a-What?

CPLT/FREN 359: You Say You Want to Change the World: Advocating for Other Cultures

Roza Trilesskaya '16 - The Green Dog at the Cat Circus

Rachel Thommen '17 - The American Disgrace: Where's the Nearest MacDonald's?

Clio Flikkema '17 - What I Think About When I Think About the City

Emma Stelter '16 - Exact Change

ECON 335: Economic Journalism

Jane Yan '16 - Overturning Obamacare and the Death Spiral Peril

Narayani Gupta '15 and Neha Doshi '15 - Why You Should Be Concerned About America's Soda Consumption

Anastasia Hou '14 - Reshaping What We Think About the Gender Pay Gap

ENG 316: Dead Poetry Society

Addie Pates '19 - Characters from The London Players’ "Hamlet" Ranked by Queer Energy

ES 399: Environmental Synthesis & Communication

Frances Dingivan '20: Why Energy Policy is Also Health Policy

Ashley Funk '16 - Why I'll Let Chevron Pay My Family's Bills, for Now

Idalmis Vaquero '16 - Latinos Care About the Environment. So Why Aren’t Green Groups Engaging Them More?

Ellen Bechtel '14 - How We Talk About "Climate Refugees" and Why It's Complicated

McKenzie Klema '14 - UN Millennium Development Targets for Water and Sanitation Will Expire in 2015... So What's Next?, For Bringing Safe, Clean Water to Slums in Sub-Saharan Africa, Market-Based Strategies Are Not the Answer

April Zhu '14 - Less Blood in the Water: Researchers Try New Way to Keep Sharks From Beachgoers, What's To Be Afraid of? Congress Talks GMOs with Biotechnology Proponents

POLI 319: Campaigns and Elections

Delia Arias DeLeon '16 - Ayotzinapa: For Better or Worse, Mexico’s Turning Point, Mexico’s Malinchismo: Why Deposing Pena Nieto is Not the Solution, Not Just Ayotzinapa: A Day in a Narco-Ravaged Mexican City

WRIT 390: Law, Medicine and Ethics

Ariel Cohen '18- Why Are We Still Honoring Nazis For Their Medical Discoveries?

Anya Silva '18 - The Shrinking Number of Rural Hospitals

Estefania Lamas-Hernandez '16 - Death Education

Jasmin Griggs '17 - Gender Identity in College and in the News, ‘I Don’t Want To Die’: The Other Impediment to Death with Dignity

Caitlin McCarey '17 - Trump’s Mixed Record on Gay Rights: Why He Won’t “Make America Gay Again,” Lesbian Designer Babies

Amal Cheema '17 - The Case for Religious Literacy in Organ Donation (also published in the Brockton Enterprise and Sharon Advocate), Doctors Must Educate Themselves on Transgender Health Care

Amy Yuan '16 - Can “Moon Shot” for Cancer Cure Overcome Data Sharing Problems?

Jessica Saifee '16 - The War on Polio, The War on Opium in Afghanistan

Darlene Dang '16 - DNA Software Claims to Prevent Wrongful Convictions, but Lacks Third-Party Validation, Politicians Should Not Spread Fear About Diseases They Do Not Understand

Gabrielle Van Tassel '16 - To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate: Why is That Even the Question?Sex Education or Sex Ignorance?