Suze Barlow:

Suze Barlow
Media Arts & Sciences major

When I paint, I copy, appropriate, collage, and iterate upon existing works of art to create realistic and abstract paintings. While my work overtly references specific artists and artworks, I recontextualize, insert, and juxtapose details from the original into newly constructed compositions. On the one hand, the subjects in my realistic paintings are unsettling and surreal and explore themes of disturbingly beautiful and natural elements such as transparency, membranes, skin, and body parts. On the other hand, the subjects in my abstract paintings are spontaneous and intuitive and investigate mark-making as unconscious forms of expression. 

black vinyl
corner of a white wall gallery with trapezoidal window at top right; black vinyl installation on the wall and window, thick lines that look like cartoony fabric bunched up in the window and cascading down the wall nearly to the floor


My project, Inbetween, employs vector-based images rendered in black vinyl that traverse through walls and windows. The two-dimensional vector-based images balance representation and abstraction through direct observation and intuitive mark-making. In addition, the installation highlights unused space by enlivening the gallery’s margins. 


gallery view showing black vinyl line art piece installed in the corner, with many small drawings on left wall and single collage print on right wall

Inbetween installed in the final exhibition space


thick black vinyl lines on white wall, barely visible as wrapping around a corner

Inbetween wrapping around the gallery wall corner


thick black vinyl lines going over the top of a white wall, above and behind on frosted light blue window

transition from wall to window through space


digital mockup of a black line drawing of falling fabric on gallery windows and wall

early project proposal rendering