Digital Fabrication Studio

Digital Fabrication: laser cutter machine cutting out a running cat shape on a square piece of wood

laser cutter machine cutting out a running cat shape on a square piece of wood
The Digital Fabrication Studio, located in PNW 311, is home to a number of digital fabrication processes, including 3D printing, laser cutting, and soldering. Students are able to use the equipment in this room to create prototypes, props, and works of art that combine digital rendering and preparatory processes with physical materials, exploring new ways of working in both 2- and 3D.
• Trotec laser engraver & cutter
• Lulzbot extrusion 3D printer
•Formlabs resin 3D printer
• Soldering station
The Fabrication Studio is only for students enrolled in Art Department courses.
Students must receive specialized training for all equipment in this space.
The room is open Monday - Friday, 8:30 am - 4:30 pm, by appointment only with the Technology Support Specialist.
Access and reservations
Email to schedule use.
Responsibilities of user
• Certain materials can create toxic smoke when laser engraved/cut. You are responsible for clearing any material with the Technology Support Specialist before use!
• You must remain in the room whenever the laser cutter is in use.
• Laser engraver must be vacuumed after every use. You must clean the lens and wipe down all components after heavy use.
• Any files left on the suite computers may be deleted at any time.
• Art may not be stored in this space. Do not leave art or personal belongings in the room.
• You must log your use of the laser cutter in the provided Google Docs link.
Associated costs
The laser cutter costs $1 per minute to operate. You must pay in the Equipment Cage within one week of use.
Food & drink
Food and drink are strictly prohibited due to the possibility of chemical contamination.
The Honor Code is recognized in this space!
Questions? Need help?
Technology Support Specialist Farimah Eshraghi,
laser cutter with green glass lid open showing black cutter bed with small wood cat cut out
lulzbot 3D printer with small gray topographical model on print bed
soldering irons lined up in holders with wires and brass wire cleaner balls