Media Arts Lab

Media Arts Lab: Media Arts Lab (MAL)

Media Arts Lab (MAL)
The Media Arts Lab is available to students enrolled in the Media Arts and Sciences interdepartmental major and other related Studio Art courses. It contains 18 Alienware computers with dual monitors and Wacom tablets, as well as high quality printers, flatbed scanners, an HD projector, a Makerbot Replicator 2 3D Printer and a Roland vinyl cutter.
Installed on the machines are a variety of software packages, including Adobe Creative Cloud, Lightroom, Final Cut Pro X and Autodesk Maya.
Fall 2020
The Media Arts Lab is not yet open for use.
We are in the process of working out which computers must be reserved for remote desktop use by students enrolled in classes scheduled in the space. Until this work has been completed, only students currently enrolled in classes scheduled in the MAL are allowed to use it.
This page will be updated once the lab is open for use by other students.
In order to comply with safety guidelines, many computers in the Media Arts Lab will be assigned to specific students enrolled in the classes scheduled in the lab. These computers will not be available for general use. A number of computers have also been blocked off to accommodate social distance requirements.
There is currently a capacity limit of 9 people in the MAL. During general use hours the space is first come, first served. If you show up and the space is at capacity, you cannot enter it.
The Media Arts Lab will be open Monday - Friday, 8:30 am - 4:30 pm. This lab is also used as classroom space, and the space is closed to general use during class times. Class times will be posted on the door.
This page may be updated once Fall 2020 courses begin and specific policies related to non-class use of this space have been finalized.
For questions related to using the Media Arts Lab, please contact Farimah Eshraghi (feshragh).