Flex Media Room

Flex Media: room with table, chairs, flat files, printer and rolls of paper, ceiling-mounted projector

room with table, chairs, flat files, printer and rolls of paper, ceiling-mounted projector
The Digital Output and Flex Media Room is a space located in PNW 309 where students can work on a variety of projects in both physical and digital media.
• computers with color-calibrated monitors
• Epson photo printers, including large-format printers
• Hasselblad film scanner
• flatbed scanner
• paper cutter
• high-powered, permanently mounted projector
• large work tables
The Flex Media Room is only for students currently enrolled in Art Department, Cinema & Media Studies, and select Music classes. Some Digital Output areas may be restricted to students currently enrolled in the Art Department.
• Students must be trained to use the Epson printers and the Hasselblad film scanner.
• The computers and other equipment may be used without training.
• For software help contact New Media Instructional Technology Specialist Allegra Dufresne
• For hardware help contact Technology Support Specialist Farimah Eshraghi
Hours and Access
The Flex Media Room hours are Monday - Friday, 8:30 am - 4:30 pm.
In order to comply with social distancing guidelines, there is a capacity limit of 2 students at one time in this space. The room is not open access. Students must sign up for times to use the space on the Flex Media Room Google Calendar. If you are cleared to use this space, contact Farimah Eshraghi to get access to the calendar.
Responsibility of user
• The room must be tidied up after use. Dispose of paper trimmings and other scraps.
• Wipe down all surfaces and equipment that was used with the provided disinfecting materials.
• Files must be stored on an external hard drive. Any files left on lab computers will be deleted.
• Art may not be stored in this space. Do not leave art or personal belongings in the room.
Associated costs
• It is the users' responsbility to track their prints and enter them into the Google spreadsheet.
• Prints must be paid for in the Cage within one week of printing.
Food & drink
Food and drink are permitted in this space. Please clean up after yourself, and be mindful of liquids and crumbs, especially around the equipment.
The Honor Code is recognized in this space!
Questions? Need help?
Farimah Eshraghi - feshragh@wellesley.edu