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Computer Science Department Alumnae Address Book

** If you would like to contribute to this page, please email Rita Purcell (, Scott Anderson ( or the department chair. 

Tiff Fehr ’00
Online: tiffehr on most services, including Gmail
Data journalist, editor & developer at The New York Times, on the Interactive News team in the newsroom.  Veteran of other media organizations, including The Wellesley News Past career twists & turns include design, web development, startups, freelancing, teaching, computer-assisted reporting and news-related application design. Drop me a line if the intersection of programming and journalism sounds interesting.
Miriam Butt '87
I graduated in 1987. I double majored in CS and Language Studies - my advisor at the time was Annette Herskovits. I still very much appreciate my CS education, which included learning Assembly and theoretically knowing about how to use punch cards. When I graduated, I had the opportunity of working in the CS department at (I think) the very first intern until 1988. I corrected HWs for multiple classes, programmed software and also helped with the sysadmin of bambam. I was also there for the plug pulling of the DECstar and the inauguration of the VAX machine (bambam). The shift was interesting, but fun. From there I went to do a PhD in Linguistics at Stanford University, then worked in Germany in various jobs as a computational linguist and now am a Professor for Theoretical and Computational Linguistics at the University of Konstanz in Germany. If any Wellesleyites are interested in dropping by or emailing to find out about opportunities in computational linguistics, feel free.
Nandita Ahmed '04
Hello all, I am in New York City - Producer/Editor at an advertising agency ( Working on, NY Jets, Wild Turkey, etc. Involved with The FilmShop, a film makers cooperative (
Lisa Basile '01
Hi All. I'm enjoying myself working as a software engineer at MIT Lincoln Laboratory and I'm thinking about going to grad school soon. I'm the head of the Wellesley recruiting team here at MIT LL so if you're interested in working at the lab, please send me your resume!

Anindita Basu '00
Hi everyone! I'm in my second year of grad school at the MIT Media Lab, in the Future of Learning Group. I'm doing things around kids and education, both building technology and working in communities around the world. Feel free to drop me a line if you're interested in grad school or in applying to the lab-- it's a great place for non-traditional research! :)

Karyn Benson '06
Fond CS memories are Google Pizza Parties, Cirque du CS, and late nights in the mini focus. I"m currently doing a Masters in Computer Science and Security Informatics at Johns Hopkins and I work as a developer for an IDS.
Mary Chasko '99
Hi! I might be the only CS major to go into medicine... I just started residency at the Penn State Hershey Medical Center in Anesthesiology. It's going well, and so far I'm enjoying it a lot!

Tim Chevalier '01

I'm currently living in Oakland, CA and working at Google San Francisco as a software engineer in site reliability engineering. I encourage Wellesley students or alums interested in internships or jobs at Google to contact me.

Sophia Chin '94
Hi, everyone! I'm Manager of Database Administration in the Networking & Computing Services division of Johnson & Johnson. Feel free to drop me a line!
Haeshil ("Jessica") Choi
I am working as Staff Software Engineer at LG Electronics MobileComm USA, working on cell phones.
Jennie Corman '00
Hey all. :) I'm working at GE Corporate Research & Development as a computer scientist--doing a lot of Java-based web apps--and working on my master's in CS at RPI. I'm in a pretty cool program, so if anyone's interested (or if anyone's around the upstate NY area!), let me know.
Anna Hazel Crotty '96
Director of Applications Engineering at AirFlash, a company specializing in Location Based Services for wireless devices. I'm always happy to talk to current students about finding jobs in high-tech.
Here is my web page.
Anne "Max" Daniels '94
Doing program management for Lotus multilingual products - email if you're interested in Lotus. It's a great place to work!
Eylul Dogruel '07
I'm beginning grad school in University of Maryland.
Nicole Smith DuRand '06
My fondest memories are of late night parties in the micro-focus. I'm now a web application development for a small consulting company in Boston.
Ramona Filipi '96
Hope everyone is happily prospering. My best thoughts and great thanks to the CS department, without whom I'd have never achieved such a high genre of geekdom. ;) Special thanks to Lyn and his infinite office hours.
Barbara Goldner '86
After graduate school and a stint in industry, I've found my calling: in front of the classroom teaching CS (thanks for the encouragement Randy!) I'm at North Seattle Community College. Anybody who's in Seattle, or just wants to talk, please send an email.
Shaheli Guha '07
I loved the Cirque de CS! I am working as a Product Manager in Silicon Valley. 
Katherine Hallissy '00
Hi! I am a Computer Education teacher at a girls' school in New York, trying to foster future CS majors :) It's great to read the CS website newsletter, and I hope to see some of you at a future department event!
Joanne Lazos Hantzios '84
Greetings from one of the original CS graduates of Wellesley! I am now a Senior Program Manager with Avaya Inc., in New Jersey still working in the software industry. I was unable to attend the event but love to see how the department has grown!
Kristin Powers Harkness '85
Just went back to Wellesley for the Cirque du CS - what a great day. Any other old-timers (ouch!) lurking out there?
Lisa Marie Hazel '01
I'm an Applications Engineer at National Instruments in Austin, TX. NI makes hardware and software and measurement and automation. I love working here, and I would love to have more Wellesley grads join me. I'm always happy to talk to current students about job opportunities.
Erin Hurson '05
Najma Huq '96
I am working as a Senior Consultant at Cambridge Technology Partners, a wholly owned subsidiary of Novell, Inc. and located in Cambridge, MA.
Marie Hwang '96
My favorite CS experience was playing with lego mindstorm kits. I'm now working as an Interaction designer.
Stella Kakavouli Post-Bac'95
My favorite CS experience was taking Advanced Algorithms with Randy! Now I'm a lab instructor, right here, in the CS dept at Wellesley College.
Gowun Kim '06
I work in Information Technology at Morgan Stanley, located in New York City.
Alta Lee '98
Frances Lee '00
My favorite CS experience was taking CS111 with Lyn Turbak. Currently I develop and support foreign exchange trading applications for Citi Smith Barney
Janet Si-Ming Lee '98
Hey guys, I founded an organization for Wellesley and MIT alumni interested in project collaboration and independent experimentation in mixed-media and multimedia, etc. To learn more about my org WAAM (Wellesley Alumnae & Affiliates in Multimedia), check out for more info and register to be on our email list. Typically, I host education dinner discussions with guest speakers on various topics from evolutionary artificial intelligence, multimedia to freelance/entrepreneurship as well as creative workshops. BTW, I'm a freelance designer these days-- if anyone is looking for freelance web design, illustration or graphics arts work, please keep in mind! I'll be happy to email you some links to my sample work. Thanks!
Mi Lin '95
Vivian Lin '95
Some of the things I've worked on: Get Local (, Lodging ( and Restaurants (
Monica Luke CE'93
I'm working at NerveWire. We make automation testing tools and and Web load testing tools. Always looking to hire CS majors.
Jamilla Mayo '95
Interested in systems consulting? Drop me a line.
Holly Muenchow '02
This url is to my parents' farm, where I spend much of my free time. I am still at Microsoft, but now a Software Design Engineer in Test for the CLR. So far the perks are worth the qualms of conscience. If you want to contact me, I am listed in the Alum Directory.
Yuan Niu '05
I'm in grad school (Computer security) at UC Davis and absolutely loving it.
Veera Pollard '03
Life is good in computer science even in the post-tech bust world. I have happily found a career in medical software/system analysis in the healthcare industry. Sounds really boring, but I really enjoy it! It basically suits my need for lots of different interesting projects, with serious problem-solving skills needed, but with zero programming:) I worked at Meditech for 2 years and am now at Harvard Vanguard. Anyone interested in chatting about career stuff or needing help finding work, drop me a line! cheers, Veera
Nusrat Retina Rabbee '85
Hi...I graduated from this department when it first started. Currently I am focusing my research in bioinformatics, which is a blend of statistics, computing and some molecular biology. Great to see the web site!
Alex Barke Rector '88
Olivia Sawula '05
Fond memories of Wellesley CS - any class with Randy was my favorite!  Currently working as a software engineer at Google - would love to see some Wellesley CS grads working (and interning!) here - do contact me using my alum email address if you're interested.
Chloe Schulz '04
Hey everyone, I'm in my first year of graduate school at the University of Wisconsin - Madison, and I'm having a great time! I do miss the Wellesley CS department greatly though, especially now that I am working as a TA for the java programming class. I miss buggles! If you have any questions about grad school, or post-undergrad years, please do email me, I'm always happy to hear from a Wellesley-ite.
Rebecca Shapiro '07
My favorite memory would be singing Zombie at the top of our lungs while coding in the microfocus. I'm currently a graduate student at Johns Hopkins
Sara "Scout" Sinclair '04
I'm working on getting my Ph.D. in Computer Security from Dartmouth College. I'd love to talk to any Wellesley students or alums interested in grad school, security internships, research or just about anything else! I also encourage seniors to consider applying for grad school at Dartmouth; we've got a great, fun department.
Bev Sobelman '86
Boy, would I love to get some more sharp women in dev manager roles here at Microsoft. Send resumes!
Erin E. Stadler '04
My favorite CS experience was Advanced Topics class focused on Computer Security.
Currently I'm a Program Manager at Colorado vNet.
Jessica Warnock '89
Am living in France (have been since 1992) and loving it. I teach English to French kids and adults. Would love to get back in touch with Susan Rose, Andrea Kazal and Christine Patoux. Having no idea how to reach you all ...please write if you get this message. If any other alums in the Bordeaux/Toulouse area get in touch.
Julie Weber '03
Heather West '07
I'm the new Program Associate at the Center for Democracy and Technology ( Among other things, I think I'm running the Anti-Spyware Coalition, which attempts to create definitions and best practices for anti-spyware companies. I also get to work on first and fourth amendment issues- privacy, free speech, and technology- which are exactly my interest areas. I'm incredibly excited! The office is a block from the White House- really, there is no better place for me right now. This is way better than law school, in my book! And as icing on the cake, the person who is leaving the job got a full ride to a pretty prestigious law school. So hopefully, I'll get to do that down the road anyway.
Anita Yip '07
Since graduating, I've worked in finance technology and served at youth-serving organizations through AmeriCorps. Currently, I'm back at Wellesley working in corporate and foundation relations. I'm happy to speak about my past experiences and what's happening on campus. Just send me a line.
Hitomi Yoneya '07
My favorite event was the CS Musical! Now I'm Working for Credit Suisse  (Tokyo Office). If anyone is interested in interning/working for Credit Suisse, let me know!

Yihao Lisa Zhang '93