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Welcome to Wellesley's Computer Science Department!

These pages serve a broad audience:

  • Wellesley students exploring the possibility of taking a CS course
  • a current CS student looking for information about major/minor requirements, courses, research, department activities, and ways to become involved in CS at Wellesley
  • a prospective Wellesley student (or relative of one) seeking to better understand the role of computer science education in a women's liberal arts college
  • a prospective faculty member looking for a job
  • anyone who is curious to find out more about the range and content of our offerings.

Our department was established in 1982, with its first graduates getting their degrees in 1983! Take a look at the Brief History of CS at Wellesley to learn more about how the department grew.

The CS department is made up of faculty with a range of research interests and a dedication to teaching undergraduates. We have developed a broad and complete curriculum that covers the "big ideas" of computer science from hardware to software and from application to theory. Our goal is not to teach students how to use current computer applications, but rather to educate them so that they understand how these applications work and can design and build the computer applications of the future.