Research is an integral part of Wellesley's education.

Computer science faculty members work on research projects that span a large collection of areas including algorithmic analysis, computer security, computer vision, Web search and information retrieval, Combinatorics and Graph Theory, Bioinformatics, programming languages, parallel computing, artificial intelligence and human-computing interaction. Research is conducted both during the summer and the academic year. Students can explore research topics by talking to faculty members and other students who present their work at conferences including the Ruhlman Conference and the Science Summer Presentations.

Some of the recent projects that our students have produced for their Honors Theses are:

  • The Detection and Representation of Foreground vs. Background Objects
    Carolyn Kim '13 (Advisor: E. Hildreth)
  • Learning Computer Security using Games
    Era Vuksani '12 (Advisor: T. Moore)
  • PicoBees: A New Toolkit for Creating Interactive Spaces
    Alex Olivier '11 (Advisors: F. Turbak & R. Berg (Physics))
  • Software for Choreography
    Rebecca Graber '11 (Advisor: S Anderson)
  • Learning to Identify Objects Implied by Gestures
    Allison Petrosino '10 (Advisor: K. Gold)
  • Administrative Role-Based Access Control for Linux
    Ayla Solomon '09 (Advisor: F. Turbak)
  • Improving Motivation using Social Network Visualization
    Catherine Grevet '09 (Advisor: S. Anderson)
  • Finding Targets of RNA Gene Regulation in Bacteria
    Amy Dai '09 (Advisor: B. Tjaden)
  • Representing Expressive Types in Blocks Programming Languages
    ​Marie Vasek '12 (Advisor: F. Turbak)
  • Learning Primitive Predicates for Probabilistic Planning
    Vasumathi Raman '07 (Advisor: E. Hildreth)
  • Cooperative and Democratic System Management
    Rebecca Shapiro '07 (Advisor: M. Sheldon)
    (2nd prize in the 2007 CCSCNE student competition)
  • Reputation in the Evolutionary Prisoner’s Dilemma
    Hitomi Yoneya '07 (Advisor: S. Anderson)
    (1st prize in the 2007 CCSCNE student competition)
  • Organization of Web Spam Data Using a Database
    Karin To '06 (Advisor: P. Metaxas)
  • The Discover of Similar Web Sites Using Link Structure
    Meredith Beaton '05 (Advisor: P. Metaxas)
  • The Efficient Generation of Random Programs and Their Applications
    Jue Wang '04 (Advisor: F. Turbak)
  • Adapting Bayesian Statistical Spam Filters to the Server Side
    Sara Sinclair '04 (Advisor: S. Anderson)
  • A Tool for Detecting Web Spam by Exploring Communities on the Web
    Mirena Chausheva '04 (Advisor: P. Metaxas)
  • TimeSave
    Yeunjoo Cho '03 (Advisor: P. Metaxas)
  • Privacy Implications of Biometric Surveillance:The Destruction of Anonymity
    Elizabeth Masiello '03 (Advisor: F. Turbak)
  • Digraphs of Ferrers Dimension 2
    Audrey Lee '02 (Advisor: R. Shull)

We invite you to explore the current projects, by visiting the Faculty ResearchSummer ResearchIndependent Research, and Honors Thesis links.