The French Cultural Studies major is intended for students whose interests in the French and Francophone world are primarily cultural and historical.

This interdepartmental major combines courses from the department of French with those in Africana studies, art, history, music, political science, or any other department offering courses on France or Francophone countries.

The French department’s courses in history and society are the core of the program. These courses examine institutions, political and social movements, along with the mass media, using methodologies grounded in the social sciences, primarily history and sociology. Other French department offerings in the field include courses that place literature and film in a social context. French Cultural Studies majors ordinarily work closely with two advisors, one from the French department and one from their other area of concentration.

Goals for the Major

Students should develop an in-depth understanding of French history, culture, society and politics.

Students should also be able to conduct rigorous in-depth research using primary as well as secondary sources on cultural and historical topics.

Because they take classes in one or more departments outside the French department, students grow in their understanding of the scope and methods of other disciplines and gain new analytical frameworks for thinking about the cultures and histories of France and the Francophone world.

Requirements for the Major

The major in French Cultural Studies consists of a minimum of eight units. At least four units in the French department above the 201 level are required including FREN 211 (or for students entering in 2014 or later, French 210) and FREN 207. In special cases, an upper-level culture course in French approved by the program director may be substituted for FREN 207. All majors must take two 300-level courses in French. FRST 350, 360 and 370 do not normally count towards the minimum requirement of two 300-level courses for the major. In exceptional cases, this requirement may be waived by the French Cultural Studies director and/or the chair of the French department. No more than two courses taken credit/noncredit at Wellesley College may be applied to the French Cultural Studies major.

Students planning to major in French Cultural Studies should consult with Venita Datta, advisor to the major.

Related Courses For Credit Toward the French Cultural Studies Major

AFR 211 Introduction to African Literature
AFR 235 Societies and Cultures of Africa
AFR 242 - New World Afro-Atlantic Religions 
ARTH 224 Modern Art to 1945
ARTH 259 The Art and Architecture of the European Enlightenment
ARTH 309-01-S - Seminar. Problems in Architectural History: The Villa
ARTH 329 - Seminar. You May Say I Am a Dreamer: Art Cinema Surrealisms 
CAMS 201 - Between Magic and Reality: A Century of Cinema, Part 1
CAMS 202 - Between Reality and Magic: A Century of Cinema, Part 2 
CPLT 223 Haiti between France and America: Literature and Revolution
HIST 221 The Renaissance
HIST 240 - Cities in Modern Europe
HIST 279/379 - Heresy and Popular Religion in the Middle Ages 
HIST 302 Seminar. World War II as Memory and Myth, 1945-2010
HIST 334 - Seminar. World Economic Orders, 1918-2008
HIST 354 - Seminar. King-Killers in Early Modern Britain and France 
MUS 200 History of Western Music I
MUS 201 History of Western Music II
MUS 235-01-F - Topics in Instrumental Music (1.0) Topic for 2015-16: Finding France in French Piano Music
PHIL 221 History of Modern Philosophy

POL2 205 The Politics of Europe and the European Union