Getting Started Guide

Getting Started in German Studies

    The German Studies curriculum is designed so that students with no experience with the language can begin their study at Wellesley and reach a point at which they are prepared to visit and study in German-speaking countries. For those with experience, we have placement tools available online and will recommend courses based on these.

    For students starting German: Students without previous instruction in German language start with German 101. We will be offering two sections of 101 in Fall 2021. The second half of the beginning German sequence, German 102, will be offered in the Spring 2022. 

    For students continuing from 101-102 and for students with previous experience studying German language: we will be offering two sections of German 201 in Fall 2021. German 202 will be offered in Spring 2022. 

    For incoming students with an intermediate/advanced level of German or those continuing beyond 202: we will be offering German 231 (Fairy Tales) in the fall and German 234 (Minorities in Germany and Austria) in the spring.

    Advanced students of German: can enroll in the course German 338 (Green German Literature) in the fall. In the spring, we will be offering a seminar, German 389 (Culture and Identity in Germany).











Fall 2021

Beginning German I (GER 101)

Intermediate German I (GER 201)

Once Upon a Time There Were Two Brothers: Fairy Tales, Genre, and Nation (GER 231)

German Writing in the Face of Environmental Collapse (GER 338)

Spring 2022

Beginning German II (GER 102)

Intermediate German II (GER 202)

Minorities in Germany and Austria (GER 234)

Culture and Identity in Germany (GER 389)


Fall 2021 Courses

Placement Tool