Study Abroad / Auslandsstudium

Spring in Germany
Spring in Germany
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Wintersession in Berlin
Fountain in Germany
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Study Abroad 

We encourage our students to consider study abroad in a German-speaking program and work closely with them in order to find a good fit. We are currently working primarily with one program: Tufts’ Junior Year in Tübingen. This is a well-established program that allows our students the flexibility and give them the guidance necessary to succeeding in study abroad. Students may choose to go for the full year or for the spring semester. The program offers enrollment in courses at the Eberhard-Karls-Universität, coupled with advising, language support, organized housing, and all other logistical components necessary to allow you to thrive in a new environment.

In general, applicants must reach a minimum level of the equivalent of four to five semesters of German study in the College curriculum in order to qualify for study in Germany. You should speak to your advisor about your plans as early as possible, so that we can make sure to identify your preferred program and prepare application materials.

While many of our students who study in Germany are German majors or minors, we also support students with other majors who have attained the necessary language skills. We can advise you on what kinds of courses will count at Wellesley and the process you would follow in order to transfer credits earned abroad. Wellesley financial aid can be used to study abroad, meaning that these programs are attainable for all students at the College.

Impressions from Students Abroad