Frequently Asked Questions for Students

If your question is not addressed here, please contact Ryan Kapitz (rj101@wellesley.edu, x2304) or Fran Adams (fadams@wellesley.edu, x3564 or x2289).

I received an email that says I have a package—what does that mean?

Our system sends one automated email per parcel. If you receive one email then you have one package, if two emails, two packages, and so on.

I forgot my unit box number. What do I do?

Unit box numbers can be found in Workday. Instructions are available at this link. If you need additional help please email Fran Adams at fadams@wellesley.edu.


I forgot my unit box combination. What do I do?

Unit box combinations are available in Workday. Instructions are available at this link

When does mail get picked up?

USPS mail pick-up is at 3pm every weekday.

My delivery confirmation/tracking number said that my package has been delivered to Wellesley Hills; why don’t you have it?

Sometimes the tracking says a package has been “delivered” when it is still at the Wellesley Hills post office, not Wellesley College. We should have your package in a day or two.

My tracking number said that my package has been delivered, but I haven’t received an email yet. Why is this?

You will receive an email as soon as your package is processed through our system.

I go by a different name than the one that is on my Wellesley account/onecard; does this make a difference?

It does make a difference. Please let us know when you pick up the package and please use your unit number as part of your address.

What is the difference between the yellow and blue mailboxes in the campus center?

The yellow mailbox is for on-campus mail and the blue mailboxes are for off-campus mail. There is no postage necessary for on-campus mail, but off-campus mail must have appropriate postage.

Can you send certified or Express U.S. mail?

No, we can’t. If you want to send a package as certified or Express U.S. mail, you must take it to the U.S. Post Office.

Can you send packages with tracking?

We can’t send USPS packages with tracking. If you want to be able to track a package that you are sending, you must take it to the U.S. Post Office or use the FedEx services that we offer.

Can I get a receipt for my purchase?

Yes, but please let us know that you want a receipt before we ring up your purchase.

Do you take credit or debit cards?

No, we only take cash. Please try to have small bills when appropriate.

My package was supposed to arrive yesterday/three days ago/last week and I haven’t received an email yet. Where is it?

If your package is small, it may be in your unit box, in which case you would not receive an email.

How come this letter has my unit number on it, but isn’t addressed to me?

Sometimes we receive mail for students who have graduated, and their mail accidentally gets sorted into unit boxes. Just bring the letter back to us and we will get it to the correct recipient.

How do I update my home contact information?

Students update their home contact information in Workday. The instructions are available at this link.