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Our Faculty's Recent Work


Ann Trenk Ann Trenk enjoyed the second half of her sabbatical in Spring 2018 and took advantage of this opportunity to travel and focus on research.  Two of her papers were published this year:   "A simple proof characterizing interval orders with interval lengths between 1 and k” (with G. Isaak and S. Boyadzhiyska ’16)  in the journal Involve,  and  "Finding balance:   Split graphs and related classes” (with K. Collins) in the Electronic Journal of Combinatorics.  In addition, she contributed two classroom activities to the book Tactile Learning Activities in Mathematics,  published by the American Mathematical Association in August 2018.  She travelled to conferences in San Diego, Denver, and Ireland.

Professor Trenk particularly enjoyed her collaboration with Professor Amy Banzaert (Engineering) and Sophomore Early Research student Aliza Camacho in designing and creating models to facilitate student learning in mathematics.    She looks forward to using these in her classes this year and in math outreach events.

Ismar Volić is returning from a productive sabbatical which he spent at the University of Sarajevo Bosnia as a Fulbright Scholar.  While there, he continued his work with his Ph.D. Student Franjo Sarčević, gave a number of talks to a variety of audiences, and coorganized a conference 10th Days of BHAAAS in Bosnia.  He submitted two papers for publication:  Diagram complexes, formality, and configureation space integrals for braids, coauthored with Rafal Komendarczyk and Robin Koytcheff, and Detecting functional states of the rat brain with topological data analysis, coauthored with Mike Weist (a neuroscience professor at Wellesley) and Phyllis Ju (a former Wellesley student who is now in the statistics graduate program at Harvard; this paper is a result of the summer research she did with Prof. Volić).  He looks forward to upcoming trips to Cambridge, Stockholm, Laussane, Zurich, Vienna, and Lisbon where he will deliver talks at conferences and seminars.

Qing (Wendy) Wang enjoyed a productive second year at Wellesley. She had two publications during the year: the paper “Extrapolation-based cross-validation bandwidth selectors: a review and comparative study with discussion on bivariate applications” is accepted for publication in International Statistical Review, and the paper “Penalization with group-wise sparsity: econometric applications to eBay Motors online auctions” (with Dan Zhao) will appear in the forthcoming issue in Empirical Economics. In addition, she has three more research papers submitted for publication: “Simultaneous variable and factor selections via sparse group lasso in factor analysis” (with Yuanchu Dan), “On distribution function estimation using log-odds interpolation” (with Lucia Tabacu), and “Subsampling-extrapolation bandwidth selection in bivariate kernel density estimation” (with Adriano Zambom). Moreover, she has two ongoing research projects to be completed by the end of next year.

In 2017-2018 Prof. Wang supervised the honors thesis of Victoria (Yujue) Wu ’18 on the topic of “Multi-label super learner: multi-label classification and improving its performance using heterogeneous ensemble methods”. She is hoping to complete a paper with Victoria based on her thesis work. She also supervised two summer research students, Donna Gan ’20 and Keran Huang ’21, on a comparative study of robust regression analysis.

Prof. Wang co-organized a three-college event, BOW DataFest, in April 2017, and is currently organizing the 23rd New England Isolated Statisticians Meeting (NEISM23) that will be held in Wellesley on October 27, 2018. Prof. Wang was an invited panelist at the Conference on the Celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Penn State Statistics Department. She attended the 22nd New England Isolated Statisticians Meeting in Stonehill College and presented at the 2018 Joint Statistical Meetings in Vancouver, Canada.