Student Employment

A position as a math department grader, tutor, or SI leader provides many benefits beyond the money you earn.  You will develop a deeper understanding of the subject, and your experience helping others to succeed will likely make you a better math student in your own courses. You will have the opportunity to build closer connections with professors, to develop important job skills, and to build a work history. 

An online application for these positions is generally available in October (for the spring semester) and March (for the fall semester).  Please check the Math Department Google Group or ask our administrative assistant (Robin McLafferty).


The Math Department hires graders for most of our courses.  Each grader works closely with a professor for a particular course and should expect to spend approximately 3 hours per week grading homework.    The primary responsibility of graders is to correct homework papers, and in doing so they provide valuable feedback to students and the course professor.  Many graders find that their own homework improves as a result of the valuable close-reading skills they develop as a grader.


Math Department tutors spend one evening each week staffing the math helproom. They help students both individually and in groups.  We seek tutors who have a deep understanding of course material and who are also mature, responsible, and have excellent communication skills.  We hire some tutors who can provide tutoring for a variety of intermediate and advanced courses, but also have positions for tutors who can focus on calculus.  Tutors are selected by the Math Department and paid by the PLTC.  In addition to a fixed 2 hour shift in the helproom, tutors should be available for a few hours of individual tutoring each week, the timing of which is flexible.

Supplemental Instruction (SI) Leaders

Each semester some courses in the Math Department are assigned an SI leader who acts as an assistant to the class during the entire semester.  SI leaders are required to attend the class meetings of the course so that they are part of the class community.    They serve as role models for the students in the course and as a valuable connection between the professor and the students in the class. SI leaders hold sessions twice a week designed to build a deeper understanding of the material and to help students in class form connections to one another.  In addition, they hold an office hour once a week and regularly confer with the course professor.  SI leaders receive training at the PLTC and are paid a fixed salary for the semester.