The Suzy Newhouse Center for the Humanities at Wellesley College was established by a generous gift from Susan and Donald Newhouse in 2004 to promote innovative, imaginative and influential research in the humanities, broadly defined. Suzy Newhouse was a member of Wellesley College Class of 1955. Located on the second floor of Green Hall, the Newhouse Center hosts ten to twelve fellows, artists, writers, visiting scholars, and other intellectuals for varying lengths of time ranging from a whole year to a few days.

The mission of the Center is to promote and enhance creative, critical thinking in the Humanities and the wider Arts. Work at the Center is given focus in its commitment to exploring the wide meanings and manifestation of excellence in the objects and practices of the humanistic arts and in their study; and to deepening and broadening our study of hierarchies. Our projects, seminars, artists, speakers, and fellows explore ethics in various acts of creativity, in analytical endeavors across disciplines, geographical or cultural location, and in artistic, customary or political practice. Outreach from the Center enables the celebration of humanistic thought and action, and all forms of creativity. The Center fosters interconnection amongst different parts of the liberal arts institution and seeks out new ways to enable collaboration within and beyond the college that promotes unexpected and innovative partnerships, both intellectual and practical.

The Center generates an exciting and diverse array of programming and performances for the benefit of the community at large. These include the regularly offered Mary J. Cornille Distinguished Lecture in the Humanities, the Newhouse Distinguished Thinkers program and the Elizabeth Jordan Lectures and Colloquia. Resident fellows and faculty hold Newhouse Ateliers throughout the year. The Newhouse Center also supports the integration of the humanities and the arts, and looks to coordinate projects and activities with the Davis Museum, Wellesley Centers for Women, the Albright Institute, and with Wellesley programs in the performing arts.

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For more information about the Newhouse Center, please read the Director's Letter.

The Suzy Newhouse Center for the Humanities is a member of the Consortium of Humanities Centers and Institutes (CHCI).