Internal Faculty

Internal Newhouse Faculty Fellows are chosen from among Wellesley College faculty members on sabbatical leave. Faculty members in all humanities departments and programs are eligible, as well as faculty members in social sciences whose current research is humanistic in character.

Internal Newhouse fellows may be in residence for either one or two semesters. They participate in talks and fellows’ lunches as well as give a talk at the end of their term. Fellows receive a $1,000 stipend to be used for books, travel, and other associated costs of scholarly research, excluding equipment, accrued within the time period of the fellowship.

Wellesley faculty may count an application for the Newhouse Center for the Humanities (NCH) Fellowship as one of the three applications demonstrating their strenuous effortto secure grant support.

Fellowship applications for internal faculty only are accepted on a rolling basis. Apply to be a Newhouse Fellow.