Francelis  Morillo Suarez

Francelis Morillo Suarez

Paulson Place Challenge Student Researcher; Paulson Water Challenge Summer Researcher

My name is Francelis Morillo Suarez and I’m class of 2021. I was born in the Dominican Republic, but I live in Lawrence, MA. I love to learn new languages and I also love to travel, try new foods, and learn about other cultures which I was fortunately able to do as a junior when I studied abroad. I learned so much in the Spring of 2020 about myself and the many issues tied to environmental/climate justice. I have become more passionate about sustainability and the concept of degrowth and what that might mean for us as we try our best to create a better ‘normal’ and not go back to how things were before. At Wellesley, I’m a McNair Scholar and a part of Wellesley for Caribbean Development, Italian Society, QuestBridge, and Wellesley Plus.