Campus Police Parking

Student Parking Registration

Students wishing to maintain a vehicle on campus for the academic year must register their vehicles at the Wellesley College Police Department within the first week of the semester. Vehicle registration is located at Campus Police. It is extremely important to register your vehicle in a timely manner to avoid parking citations.

Remember, parking at Wellesley College is a privilege afforded to sophomores, juniors and seniors. All students who bring a vehicle to campus beyond the 1st week of the registration period are required to register it with the Wellesley College Police Department immediately upon bringing it here. Again, registration of your motor vehicles may be completed below by filling out the form. There is a fee associated with parking (See below). Students must charge their parking registration fee to their term bill.

Parking Fees:

Resident Student full year decal:$135.00

Resident Student 1/2 year decal:$75.00


Parking decals will be issued mailed to your on Campus Mailbox.



Student Parking Registration Form






Student Parking

Fire Lanes

All roadways surrounding the residence halls are fire lanes. Parking in a fire lane is strictly prohibited and will result in a parking citation or tow at the owner’s expense.

Additional Parking Clarifications:

Students on official business or employed at any college office are expected to park in their designated parking area and walk to that particular office or area.

First Year Students

First year resident students are not authorized to bring vehicles to campus.

Sophomores & Juniors

Sophomores and Juniors will receive (DPF) Davis Parking Facility decals. 


There is no parking at any time in Dower Lot, College Club Lots, Sports Center, in front of Munger Hall, Jewett Hill, Pendleton Hill, the Rte. 135 circle by Cazenove and Pomeroy, the West End of the Sports Center, the Trade Center Lot, or in any other area that is not specifically authorized.


Seniors residing in the Tower Court Complex, Lakehouse, Cervantes, Munger and the Hazard Quad will receive (DPF) Davis Parking Facility decals upon registration and be required to park in the parking garage.  After 4:30pm, Monday through Friday, parking is permitted in Founders Lot until 2am. There is no overnight parking in Founders Lot Monday through Friday.

Weekend Parking in Staff Lots (Seniors Only)

Seniors may park anytime in Founders Lot on the weekends beginning Friday at 4:30pm. All students must remove their vehicles by 6am Monday morning. Failure to vacate by 6am will result in a parking citation and/or motor vehicle tow.

Munger Hall Seniors

The parking spaces in front of Munger Hall are reserved only for seniors residing in Munger Hall on a first come first serve basis. Once occupied, all other Munger Seniors must park in the Davis Parking Facility. In conjunction with the Police Department a special Munger Senior Parking Permit will be provided.

Visitor Parking

There will be no visitor parking during the 2020/21 academic year.

Employee Parking & Registration

Employees are typically assigned to general staff parking in the Davis Parking Facility and Gray Lot. Senior employees and those who work in buildings east of Tupelo Lane are assigned to restricted parking areas, such as Founders Lot. Movement from general staff parking areas to restricted parking areas is based primarily on years of service and disability needs. As vacancies in restricted areas become available, eligible employees will be contacted about the vacancy and afforded the opportunity to move from the general parking areas to the restricted parking areas.

Employee Parking Registration Form


Employees must park in their designated parking areas at all times.



Employees with temporary or permanent medical disabilities must request special parking permits directly through Jim Wice, the Director of Accessibility and Disability Resources. Medical documentation of an illness or injury may be requested.









Appealing a Ticket


Parking Citations may be appealed within the 14 day period from when the citation was written.

To appeal a parking ticket:

Appeal a Ticket


Please fill out the Appeal a Ticket form or email and provide the citation number in the subject field. Be sure to provide your name, address, phone and your reason for appeal in the body of the email.

Ticket appeals will not be considered on citations older than 14 days.

Visitors who receive traffic violations while on campus may return such notices to the Campus Police office prior to leaving campus or mail such violation within the 14 day appeal period as stipulated on the reverse of the violation. Subsequent violations by visitors will not be waived and will be subject to billing of all fines imposed. Students and employees are responsible for the fines incurred by their guests. Due to the volume of citation appeals, delays may occur. Do not send in duplicate appeals, as they may slow down the process. Visitors who fail to turn in the yellow copy of their first citation will have the bill sent to their home address.


Billing for Violations

Parking citations are billed through the Cashier's Office at Green Hall and placed on the student's tuition bill.  Employees will be billed directly from the Cashier's Office and outstanding fines may be deducted from payroll.

Payment may be received at the Cashier's Office during their normal business hours.