Past Honors Theses

Past Honors Theses


Organizing After the 8th: Comparing and Contrasting the Catholic Pro-Life Movement and its American Counterpart

By Rose Miller | Advisor: Marini | April 2022


Soldiers for Christ: The History and Future of Dominionism in America

By Sarah Powell Miller |Advisor: Marini |April 2012


The Origins of the Twentieth Century Explosion of Christianity in Korea: Changing Heaven’s Landscape

By Jaimie D. Crumley | Advisor: Kodera | April 2012


The Construction and Transformation of Motherhood among African-American Muslim Communities

By Ikhlas Saleem | Advisor: Elkins | April 2011


The Ethics of HIV/AIDS Intervention: Faith-Based and Secular Strategies

By Erin Lindsey Duffy | Advisor: Marini | April 2010