Child Safety

Minors on Campus


Guidance updated 5/6/20

All in-person programs and events for minors at Wellesley College have been cancelled through summer 2020 due to the risks of COVID-19. 

For all virtual programs involving minors, please follow these safety guidelines:

  • The policy requirements for the Safety and Well-Being of Minors still apply in a virtual learning environment. 
  • Whenever possible, two adults should be online during live programs.
  • Private direct messaging, texting, chatting, or personal emails between a minor and a program supervisor/teacher is NOT permitted.  Group messages and posts are acceptable and must be viewable by all participants.
  • Parents/guardians must be provided with access information to all virtual meetings and programs.
  • Sessions involving minors should not be recorded.
  • More information for online/remote learning can be found here.

Wellesley College is committed to safeguarding all children and youth (anyone under the age of 18) involved in our programs or on our campus. The Policy on Safety and Well-Being of Minors and related procedures provides direction to all employees, students, contractors, vendors and volunteers and others who interact with minors about expected codes of behavior and sound procedures. This Policy covers all operations, programs and activities of Wellesley College that involve minors, including educational, outreach, summer programs, athletic programs, art, theater and any other operations whether on or off the premises of Wellesley. 

Wellesley College will not tolerate any abuse or neglect of a minor in any form (physical, sexual, or emotional) in any Wellesley program or on the Wellesley campus.  The Policy and related procedures are intended to ensure that child protection concerns will be properly addressed and reported and that our programs for children will be safe.

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