The Capstone Experience in Women's and Gender Studies

All majors will be required to select a capstone experience, with the guidance of their adviser, from the following three options offered in 2013 - 2014. Students should begin to think about which option would best fit their concentration when they declare the major. They must declare their option by the end of their junior year.

Option Three is the traditional senior honors thesis which requires two units over the senior year. See Academic Distinctions for requirements. A thesis does not need to have an experiential component but typically it is based on some original research. Option Two must involve an experiential component.

Summer Internships

This year the department will offer one student internship for summer experiences. The student is expected to work at a placement for the summer which could be in the U.S. or outside of the U.S. This internship can be turned into a Capstone Experience. Learn more or apply for the WGST Summer Internship Stipend 2016. 

Student Involvement in Faculty Research

Every year a group of students work on faculty projects. Often these are funded through NSF or other internal college programs. Notices are sent to majors and minors who apply.