Research Opportunities: Capstone, Thesis Information, Internships, Faculty Research

Capstone Experience in Women’s and Gender Studies
All majors will be required to select a capstone experience, with the guidance of their advisor, from the following three options. Students must declare their option by the end of their junior year.

Option 1: WGST 312 Seminar. Feminist Inquiry. 

Option 2: WGST 313 (Fieldwork in Women’s and Gender Studies).

Option 3: WGST 360/WGST 370 (Senior Thesis). WGST Thesis Guidelines

Option 3 is the traditional senior honors thesis, which requires two units during the senior year. See Academic Distinctions in this catalog for requirements. A thesis does not need to have an experiential component, but typically it is based on some original research. Option 2 must involve an experiential component. 


Student Involvement in Faculty Research
Every year a group of students work on faculty projects. Often these are funded through NSF or other internal college programs. Notices are sent to majors and minors who apply.