Employee Development

Wellesley College supports the development of self and others as one of the cornerstones of the Valuing Work @ Wellesley program.

As a result, staff members are expected to participate in career development activities, which include skills training and/or professional development. It is the joint responsibility of the employee and manager to ensure that staff are taking advantage of opportunities for continuous learning that apply to their jobs.

Each year, a series of in-house programs are offered by Human Resources to support employees in their roles, especially those in supervisory positions. The Human Resources Office also offers individual and departmental coaching to both managers and employees. Managers should let Human Resources know what programs would be most helpful to them and their staff.

Benefit Programs and Development Training Series

In addition to the programs offered through Human Resources, we also encourage you to explore other Training Resources available to the Wellesley College community.


HR values and respects confidentiality.