Career Advancement

Fireside Chat with Lulu Chow Wang alumnae event, organized by New York Wellesley Club Careers. Photograph by Gabriella Reubins.
Fireside Chat with Lulu Chow Wang alumnae event, organized by New York Wellesley Club Careers. Photograph by Gabriella Reubins.

Lifetime Support for Career Advancement

A benefit of being a graduate of Wellesley College is continued access to Career Education resources. Dedicated Alumnae Career Advisors and Career Community Advisors are here to help you navigate your career journey, make meaningful connections, overcome obstacles, and celebrate success at every stage.

We offer one-on-one advising, resume and cover letter reviews, interview practice, professional development webinars, and advice on new trends that will impact your job search process. Our experienced staff can work with you to address whatever you are facing, including making a career pivot/change, advancing in your current career field, re-entering the workforce after time away, or finding an “encore career” after retirement.


Spring 2021 Webinars & Career Coach Series

Alumnae Career Advancement Team

Alumnae Career Advisors are here for one-on-one advising about career pivots, re-entry into the workforce, resume and cover letter reviews, interview practice, and more. You can schedule an appointment to meet with an Alumnae Career Advisor through Handshake using your Wellesley credentials.

Career Community Advisors

Career Community Advisors lead Career Education’s distinct Career Communities. Each Advisor can provide industry expertise for alumnae exploring specific career paths, whether looking to break into a new field or advance in their industries with a competitive edge. Make an appointment with a Career Community Advisor on Handshake using your Wellesley credentials.

Alumnae Webinars

Wellesley Career Education hosts professional development webinars to support alums at every career stage, often in partnership with alumnae who offer expertise on a specific topic. An archive of past webinars is housed below.

You can also watch a full playlist of our Alum Webinars on Youtube!


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Alums and students are connected to The Wellesley Hive, Wellesley’s Mentorship Platform

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Alumnae Resume Examples

Dana Keep
Dana Keep

This resource provides four alumnae resume samples. Whether you are a recent graduate, a career changer, or a senior executive, your resume is a selection of information that you will use to introduce yourself to people in your field and prospective employers. As you update your resume during your career, think about your most relevant experience, your most recent experience, and what is most important for an employer to know about you. Consider making an appointment with an alumnae career adviser or a career community adviser in your industry to discuss how best to communicate your background and accomplishments on your resume.

Introduction to Fellowships for Alumnae

Kate Dailinger
Kate Dailinger

Fellowships and scholarships can fund graduate or professional study, purposeful travel, professional placements, self-designed projects, and so much more. They can help you build your experience and qualifications, help you explore a passion, and clarify a path forward. What would you do with a fellowship?

Career Advancement

Becky King
Becky King

Career Advancement can mean different things to different people. For some, advancement means reaching a leadership position within a company or a field. For others, advancement means performing at a high level in a given role. Sometimes, advancement means switching careers entirely to learn a whole new domain, or focusing on giving back to a field or a community.

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