Recruit at Wellesley

Wellesley Career Education is excited to partner with organizations across the country and around the world to connect our students with opportunities aligned with their career goals. The jobs and internships employers provide to our students and alumnae are an integral aspect of their professional and educational development. 
Why recruit at Wellesley?
  • Because you value intelligence, confidence, creativity, resourcefulness, and the unique abilities that Wellesley women can bring to your organization
  • Because you are interested in recruiting from one of the top undergraduate institutions in the nation
  • Because our student body is one of the most ethnically diverse in the U.S. and represents students from over 80 countries worldwide
  • Because for over a century, Wellesley has produced more successful women leaders across all fields than any other liberal arts institution
In order to craft customized, effective recruiting experiences, we have cultivated industry-specific career communities at Wellesley. Each of these communities is led by a Career Community Advisor with expertise in their industries. The advisor most relevant to your recruiting and engagement targets serves as a liaison to our center helping you to create the connections and customized plan you need for a successful recruiting experience.


Wellesley employer engagement levels: