Classical Studies Curriculum


For information on course content, see the Department of Classical Studies 2022/2023 Course Catalog.

Related Courses for Credit toward the Classics Major and the Classical Civilization Major

ANTH 103/CLCV103   Introduction to Archaeology

ARTH 203  Iraq's Antiquities, Then and Now

ARTH 241  Egyptian Art and Archaeology

ARTH 243  Rome's Global Empire

ARTH 290  Pompeii

ARTH 343  Seminar: Roman Monuments: Memory and Metamorphosis

ARTH/CLCV 373  Seminar. Antiquities Today

HEBR 201 Intermediate Hebrew

HIST 200  Roots of the Western Tradition

HIST 228  Swords and Scandals: Ancient History in Films, Documentaries, and Online

HIST 229  Alexander the Great: Psychopath or Philosopher King

HIST 230  Greek History from the Bronze Age to the Death of Philip II of Macedon

HIST 231  History of Rome

PHIL 201  Ancient Greek Philosophy

PHIL 310  Seminar. Ancient and Medieval Philosophy

REL 104  Study of the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament

REL 105  Study of the New Testament

REL 243  Women in the Biblical World

REL 244  Jerusalem: The Holy City