Quick Reference

Accounts Payable Quick Reference on Payments

Please review the scenarios below to determine how to process your expenses and/or reimbursements in Workday in the most expedient manner possible. If you have:
  • a supplier invoice, use "Create Supplier Invoice Request" 
  • receipts for misc. purchases by an employee, use "Create Expense Report" 
receipts for misc. purchases for non-employee reimbursement, use "Create Supplier Invoice Request"
  • payments for student prizes (see below) or honorarium, use "Create Supplier Invoice Request"
payments for future travel, use "Create Spend Authorization"
receipts for Travel, use "Create Expense Report" (check out the mobile app!)
  • receipts for a meal during which you met with colleagues, use "Create Expense Report" 
  • Faculty Long-term Research: (greater than 1 week international travel for faculty research), use "Create Expense Report" 

Student Prize Process

If the student is not a supplier in Workday:

  • Go to MyWellesley-->Administrivia-->For Everyone-->New Vendor/Supplier Honorarium Form.
  • Click the "Upload Students as Suppliers" tab, choose the type of payment "prize", then upload the students' Banner IDs following the directions at the top of the form. 
  • If the student does not have direct deposit set up, the student will receive an email with a link to use to provide their direct deposit information. 
  • If the student is an international student, A/P needs additional time to process the supplier request.

If/when the student is a supplier in Workday, use "Create Supplier Invoice Request":

  • Supplier Reference Number: enter Prize FY18 <insert Gift Worktag of prize>
  • Payment Terms: choose Immediate (Rush Checks Only)
  • Spend Category: choose Prize (US) (even for international students) 
  • Create a document with the student's name, home address, the name of the prize and the prize amount and use this as the attachment.