Quick Reference

Accounts Payable Quick Reference on Payments

Please review the scenarios below to determine how to process your expenses and/or reimbursements in Workday in the most expedient manner possible.
You could also download the chart below here for future reference.

Type of Payments

WD process


Helpful Tips

Supplier Invoice


Create Supplier invoice request

Suppliers Invoice

One invoice per request / Do not pay from Quotes, Statements, Sales order, or Confirmations.  College pays net 30 from the date of the invoice. 

Supplier Credit Memo

Email to Dotti and Jeri for inputting

Credit invoice

Write the complete accounting information on the credit invoice.

Lecture Fee / U.S. Citizens

Create Supplier invoice request

Word document or Poster for Event

If check is needed for event, please submit 3 weeks before the event.

Use the handling code to request the check be returned or email for pick up.


For supplier invoice use Lecture and date of Lecture :  Lecture 9/21/2019

Lecture Fee / International Citizen

Email Dotti with the name and email of the person receiving the fee include the date of the event and the amount of the payment.      Email Dotti for inputting.

Word document or Poster for Event.   

The college uses a tax software to determine if the payment can be made or if 30% needs to be withheld form the payment.  


 A mail will be sent to the person requesting that they complete the FNIS form which will help determine if the payment can be made or if the payment will need to be taxed.


The software will create the tax forms need for the payment

Travel advance

Create Spend Authorization

Itemization of expense if requesting more than $200.00

Spends are for College employees please do not submit or approve a request for students.

Expense Report

Create Expense Report

Receipts, Hotel Bills, Amazon receipts, Restaurant bills, Etc.

Receipts need have itemization and proof of payment.  Grants starting with GR that have alcohol need to be separated out to the Alcohol Spend Category.   Use the memo field to note the business purpose and names of the guest at meals.

Travel Grant / Research Stipends

Create Supplier invoice request

Word Document with Student’s Name, College ID, and country where the funds will be used.

Payments to student suppliers are for Travel Grants, or Independent research.  


Not to be used to pay a student for work. 



Send to wires@wellesley.edu

Wire or Draft form with invoice

Forms need to be typed. Cost Center manager needs to sign the Wire form. 



Candidate reimbursement


Email to Dotti and Jeri for inputting

Receipts, Memo with name, address of Candidate, and Cost Center

Subject line:  Candidate Reimbursement


Create Supplier invoice request

Word Document With Students name and ID

U. S. Student with prizes totaling $600 and up will receive a 1099Misc form in January.

International students will have 30% withheld from the payment.    A 1042S tax form will be mailed to them within the first 2 week of March.



Email to Dotti and Jeri for inputting

Word document with name and address of payee

Subject line: Refund Request

Used to refund individuals who have made a payment for events that have been canceled.   Rental of Chapel or Friends of Art classes.


Additonal Process for Student Prize

If the student is not a supplier in Workday:

  • Go to MyWellesley-->Administrivia-->For Everyone-->New Vendor/Supplier Honorarium Form.
  • Click the "Upload Students as Suppliers" tab, choose the type of payment "prize", then upload the students' Banner IDs following the directions at the top of the form. 
  • If the student does not have direct deposit set up, the student will receive an email with a link to use to provide their direct deposit information. 
  • If the student is an international student, A/P needs additional time to process the supplier request.

If/when the student is a supplier in Workday, use "Create Supplier Invoice Request":

  • Supplier Reference Number: enter Prize FY18 <insert Gift Worktag of prize>
  • Payment Terms: choose Immediate (Rush Checks Only)
  • Spend Category: choose Prize (US) (even for international students) 
  • Create a document with the student's name, home address, the name of the prize and the prize amount and use this as the attachment.