Minor Requirements

Education is a broadly interdisciplinary field of study, drawing on a wide variety of knowledge and experience.

Students may choose one of two minors in the Department of Education: education studies or teaching and learning studies. Each minor program allows students to explore education as an interdisciplinary field of study, integrate theory with practice, and, if a student elects to do so, participate in school- and community-based field experiences that supplement classroom learning.

Goals for the Education Studies and Teaching and Learning Studies Minors:

  • Students will engage in and learn the interdisciplinary study of education.

  • Students will make connections between educational theory and practice and appreciate the practical tensions among competing values.

  • Students will explore how diversity, equity and power have shaped the evolution of educational policies and practices.

  • Students will apply their learning to communities of practice such as school classrooms and community agencies.

  • Students will develop their skills as critical thinkers, analytic writers and skilled researchers through active experiences in course work, independent study, and supervised experiences in the field.

  • Students will explore the role of education in promoting democracy, freedom and justice in the broader society.

  • And further for Teaching and Learning Minors:  Students will acquire the knowledge and skills needed to be teachers of their subject(s) and of their students in preschools or elementary, middle, or high schools, and will become committed, critical agents of change engaged with school structures, curriculum, and relationships.

Faculty are available to consult with you about your options. For interest in the education studies minor, please contact Soo Hong. For interest in the teaching and learning minor, please contact Ken Hawes, Noah Rubin, or Diane Tutin. We look forward to working with you.

Show your pride!

When you declare an education studies or teaching and learning studies minor, you may pick up one of our department t-shirts. Make sure you check in with your advisor, and they will help you pick up your shirt. The shirt features the image above.