Scholarships & Fellowships

Wellesley Students also compete for national environmentally related fellowships and scholarships including:

The Morris K. Udall National Scholarship

This scholarship is open to college sophomores or juniors either who study the environment and related fields or who are Native American or Alaskan Natives who plan to study in fields related to health care or tribal public policy. The scholarship provides up to $5000, and students attend a four-day Orientation in Arizona at the organization’s expense.

The application and interview process for Wellesley nomination for this scholarship generally takes place in January or February. For nominated students the full application is due to the Udall Foundation in early March. Contact Career Education for more information.

Wellesley recipients in recent years:

2020: Kelsey Dunn
2015: Idalmis Vaquero
2014: Ashley Funk
2013: Mayrah Udvardi (honorable mention), Ellen Bechtel (honorable mention)
2012: Elli Blaine; Maia Fitzstevens (honorable mention)
2011: Kelly Mercer (honorable mention)
2009: Leslye Penticoff
2008: Debra Hausladen; Jennie Hatch
2007: Asha Stenquist (honorable mention)
2006: Anita Yip (honorable mention)
2003: Ariel Diamond
2003: Abby Tinker

Louis Bacon Environmental Leadership Program Scholarship

The Louis Bacon Environmental Leadership Program Scholarship provides up to five fellowships each year for outstanding individuals dedicated to future leadership in the environmental field. The program will be housed within the Center for Public Leadership (CPL) at HKS in partnership with other faculty at the University. The Program offers a rich array of co-curricular activities in addition to the studies by the Bacon Fellows. Applications are due to Harvard by February 26th. 

Rhodes Scholarship

In order to apply to be a Rhodes Scholar, you must be a US Citizen between the ages of 18 and 24 pursuing your Bachelor's Degree or holding a Bachelor's Degree. 

This scholarship awards recipients with two to three years of study at Oxford at the undergraduate or graduate level. It also pays for tuition and living expenses associated with being a Rhodes Scholar. 

EPA Greater Research Opportunities Fellowship

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as part of its Greater Research Opportunities (GRO) Fellowships program, offers prestigious undergraduate fellowships for bachelor level students in environmental fields of study. The fellowship provides up to $20,700 per academic year of support and $8,600 of support for a three-month summer internship at the EPA. Note that the program is on hiatus this academic year.

Previous Wellesley recipients include:

2014: Ashley Funk
2013: Kate Cororan
2012: Ellen Bechtel
2011: Tiana Ramos